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Research Downloads


Office of Research & Development

Download Forms

1. PhD Regulation

R-2016 (pdf)

2. Application for Recognition as Research Supervisor for Ph.D. Degree

3. Research Supervisor Allocation Minutes

4. Ph.D. Registration Form

R-2016 (pdf)
R-2023 (doc)

5. Course Work Allocation Minutes

6. Course Work Registration Form

R-2016 (pdf)
R-2023 (doc)

7. Ph.D. Registration Renewal Form

R-2016 (pdf)
R-2023 (doc)

8. Progress Report Format

9. Request letter for conducting Comprehensive Viva

10. Comprehensive Viva Minutes

11. Progress Review Minutes

12. Request letter for conducting Synopsis

13. Synopsis Minutes

14. Synopsis Submission Check List

15. Proforma for Synopsis Submission

16. Synopsis Report Forwarding Letter

17. Panel of Examiners

18. Certificate of Plagiarism

19. Thesis Report Forwarding Letter

20. Thesis Evaluation Reports Review Minutes

21. Viva Minutes-with Correction

22. Thesis Without-Correction Minutes

23. Viva Minutes-without Correction

24. Application for Change of Supervisor for Ph.D.

25. Reallocate the Research Supervisor Minutes

26. Bill Claim Form

27. Consolidated Attendance Sheet ODD_EVEM Semester 2022-2023

28. Guidelines for Synopsis Submission

29.Guidelines for Thesis Submission

30. KARE-Ph.D. Prospectus – 2022-2023

31. Consultancy charges for Test/Characterization

32. Requisition Form for XRD Data Collection

33. Requisition Form for UV-Visible Spectrophotometer Analysis

34. Requisition Form for SEM _ SEM & EDX Analysis

35. Requisition Form for FTIR Spectrum