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Anti Ragging Committee

Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education


The University Grants Commission has framed regulations for curbing the menace of
ragging in higher educational institutions in order to prohibit, prevent and eliminate
the scourge of ragging. In this regard, the Anti-Ragging committee has been
constituted for implementing the UGCs direction with the following faculty of the
institutions, press media, parents, and students as members.

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation Role in ARC
1 Dr.V.Vasudevan Registrar Convener
2 Dr. M.Muthukannan Director (Student Affairs) Co- Convener
3 Dr. J.T.WinowlinJappes Director (Campus Residence) Member
4 Dr. C. Ramalingam Dean/ FE Member
5 Dr. S. P. Balakannan Deputy Director (Campus Residence) Member
6 Dr.C.Sangeetha Deputy Director (Campus Residence) Member
7 Dr. S.Kavitha Associate Professor/Mechanical Member-Coordinator
8 Dr.S.Suresh Kumar Associate Professor/Mechanical Member
9 Dr. M. Anisha Associate Professor/ Bio Medical Member
10 Dr.S.Sridevi Assistant Professor/Mathematics Member
11 Dr.D.Vanitha Assistant Professor/SHIP Member
12 Deputy Superintendent of Police Srivilliputtur Member
13 Tahsildar Srivilliputtur Member
14 Mr. M. Jeyaraj Reporter, Thinakaran Member
15 Mr. D.Jagaveera Pandian District Information and Public Relation Office Collectorate,Virudhunagar Member
16 Dinesh V IV Year Mech Member
17 Prasanna venkadesh M IV Civil Member
18 Subhiksha E IV BME Member
19 Jayasunthari S III ECE Member
20 Palle Partha Saradhi Reddy III CSE Member
21 Nikith raj III Food Technology Member
22 Mr. R. Jeyakumar Estate Engineer Member
23 Dr. B.S. Murugan Associate prof (IT) KARE UGC-Nodal Officer

UGC Nodal Officer (From Feb 2023)

Name : Mr.R.Rajasubramanian,

Email :,

Mobile: 9003994408

Complaint Form: