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Women Empowerment Cell

Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education


A committee is constituted with the following faculty members for the Academic
Year 2023-24, to carry out the activities of the Women Empowerment Cell so to bring out the
challenges faced by women and help to eliminate the individual stress to become self-

Sl.No Name of the Faculty Designation, Department WEC-ROLE
1 Dr.M. Kalpana Professor, ECE President
2 Mrs. V. Kala Professor, Nursing Member
3 Mrs. G. Thangasubbulakshmi Professor, Nursing Member
4 Dr.S.Vanitha Associate Professor, Civil Member
5 Dr. V. P. M. B. Aarthi Associate Professor, ECE Member
6 Mrs.A. Ahila Assistant Professor, Maths Member
7 Dr.C.Jothi Assistant Professor, English Member
8 Dr.K. Karthiga Devi Assistant Professor, SHIP Member
9 Dr.C.Sangeetha Assistant Professor, Tamil Member
10 Dr.K.Ponmozhi Assistant Professor, MCA Member
11 Dr.S.Rani Assistant Professor, Commerce Member
12 Dr.Viji.S Assistant Professor, Commerce Member
13 Ms. P. Priya Assistant Professor, Bio-Tech Member
14 Dr.L.Muthulakshmi Assistant Professor, Bio-Tech Member
15 Ms. Y. Angel Assistant Professor, Horticulture Member
16 Ar. P. Chris Abisha Assistant Professor, Architecture Member
17 Dr. M. Sivanandha Saraswathi Assistant Professor, Maths Member
18 Dr. C. Sangeeta Assistant Professor, Chemistry Member
19 Dr. P. Vidhya Saraswathi Assistant Professor, CS & IT Member
20 Mrs. A. Kanimozhi Assistant Professor, Viscom Member
21 Dr. P. Pandia Rajammal Assistant Professor, English Member
22 Dr. Susan Judith Vice principal /Allied health sciences Member
23 Ms. P. Shyamala Assistant Professor, KSOL Member
24 Ms. Ragavarthini Assistant Professor, CSE Member
25 Ms. Sujitha Assistant Professor, CSE Member
NON-Teaching Faculty
26 Dr. Viji Assistant Physical Director Member
27 Mrs.V.Kaaleeswari Physics Member
28 Ms. K. Shanthi CS & IT Member
29 Ms. K. Meenakshiselvi Library Attender, Central Library Member
30 Ms. A. Amutha Clerk, Nursing Member
31 Ms. G. Jayanthi Yoga Instructor, KARE Member
Students List
32 Ms. M. Jeyasri II Bio Tech Member
33 Ms. Nandhana II Bio Tech Member
34 Ms.T. Komali II ECE Member
35 Ms.U. Bhoomika II ECE Member
36 Ms.A. Pratheepa Shree II Civil Member
37 Ms.Lalitha II B.Arch Member