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Admissions Open 2024-25

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EXSEL – EXperiential and SErvice Learning


The engineering curriculum is framed towards products development skills, and to develop products / processes / systems addressing the SDGs incorporated the Experiential and SErvice Learning (EXSEL) as part of the curriculum.

Experiential Core, is one of the components for all engineering students – they are expected to do Design-Build projects (multi-disciplinary) with the identified SDG themes/ Community problems/ industries research cluster with 9 hours of direct contact

Working with SDGS

The following five themes are identified from the SDGs for the students to pursue Food security and Nutrition

  • Food security and Nutrition
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Clean Energy
  • Climate Change
  • Well being for all at all ages

Students will pursue the multidisciplinary project as a team, five members in each team and at least from two different programs.

570 teams and 200 faculty members are involved in developing the new product or enriching the existing product to satisfy the needs of the end users. Each team is working with unique problem statements to address the society issues.

Working with Communities

Institute is working with nearby NGOs, Industries and international universities to identify the problem they are having or the problem they are working and our Students team and faculty team makes it as a problem statement by interacting with the community (NGO, Industry and International Partners). With all the community NDA is signed and in some cases IP is owned by the community and for some cases it is a joint IP

Experiential Core Design Build-Clean Energy

Experiential Core Design Build-Food Security And Nutrition

Experiential Core Design Build-Well Being

Experiential Core Design Build-Community

Experiential Core Design Build-Climate Change

Experiential Core Design Build-sustainable agriculture

Experiential Core Design Build-Research Cluster