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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education


No matter what your interest is, Kalasalingam provides you a platform of different clubs to match your interest and grow your dreams. Kalasalingam Clubs are a gateway to explore your interest and contribute to your intellectual and social life.

As a club member one knows about one’s self, one’s interests and one’s goals. Students can unravel their strengths like multitasking, organization skills, team Building skills, leadership skills and service mindedness. They can also add skills to their repertoire. The clubs also help in pursuing an old hobby. Networking opportunities being major benefit Club members develop bond among themselves which help in growing their careers. Association of students with clubs help in showcasing ones domain interest, balance between work and hobbies.

At Kalasalingam, you are not limited with the clubs available. You have the privilege to start your own club with your interest group.



S.No. Name of the Event Date Name, Designation and address of Resource person/Chief guest No of participants with year and branch
1 Workshop on Youth Empowerment 03.09.2016 Mr. Ducati –Managing Director of Madurai Cable vision 450
2 Event – Essay writing Speech, Treasure hunt Surprise Event Quiz, Photographic, Poster Designing 03.09.2016 Mr. Ducati –Managing Director of Madurai Cable vision 450
3 Blood Camp 17.09.2016 Dr.Jaganath prabhu Rajapalayam Govt Hospital 296
4 A rally come Awareness program on benefits to the farmers in watrap locality 12.01.2017 Mr.Himana peer, President of Youth Autocracy 400
5 Uprooting karuvel tree and blood donation camp 04.02.2017 Dr. Rajaraman (Agriculture Department-KLU) 350
6 IMPACT OF YOGA AND MEDITATION FOR OUR HEALTHIER LIFE 18.02.2017 Mr.Kalaichamy (Srivilliputtur Manavalaikkalai mandram) 200

Annual Report

Annual Report for the Youth Red Cross (YRC)


Drug Abuse

Youth Red Cross, KARE organized an awareness programme against consumption of alcohol, drunken driving and use of drugs on 16.09.2023 at Dr. K.S. Krishnan Auditorium. The Director Student Affairs
Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj gave a welcome speech. The Vice President Dr. S. Shasi Anand gave the key note
address. The Registrar Dr. V. Vasudevan presided over the function. The special guest, Virudhunagar
District Collector Dr. V. P. Jayaseelan, IAS inaugurated the ceremony by lighting the lamp. During his
speech, he said that the students should not use harmful drugs which will lead them to disastrous end. He
congratulated the students who won the competitions by giving certificates and medals. The faculty
members and students participated in the function. Virudhunagar District Assistant Commissioner
(Excise) M. Amirthalingam delivered the vote of thanks. The faculty co-ordinators Dr. S. Kavitha and Dr.
G. Kalusuraman made all the arrangements.

    Green Army volunteers take part in many environmental related activities. Our chancellor and Vice chancellor and Registrar are interacting with green army volunteers on the day of tree adoption by the volunteers.
    Green Army E-Newsletter contact us:


Vehicle-free Day and Emission-free Day

Green Army Club of KARE has observed ‘Vehicle-free Day and Emission-free Day” at
KARE campus on 05-08-2023, Saturday (10 am to 1 pm). Flue gas analysis was carried out
for two and four wheelers by Green Army Volunteers during the programme.



    The Milan 2011 organized by SRM-Chennai in that Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education won Best college award (overall trophy)With 328 points.

  • Pradharshini’12 is the inter-college cultural fest conducted by Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.
  • Our College Fine Arts team, Pyros participated in the following events:
    • Western Music
    • Solo Singing
    • Choreography
    • Classical Dancing
    • Variety Variety
    • Adzap
    • Won second prize in the event Adzap.
    • Won third prize in the event Variety Variety.

  • Vyuha’12 is the intercollege cultural fest conducted by Madurai Medical College, Madurai.
  • Our College Fine Arts team, Pyros participated in the following events:
    • Western Dance
    • Variety Variety
    • Adzap
    • Won first prize in the event Adzap.

    Fine arts club students of KLU attended the state level cultural meet at MEPCO Engineering College Sivakasi.In this orchestra and dance team participated and got first place in solo dance and solo instrumental.

    Fine arts club students of KLU attended the state level cultural Fest FESTEMBER in NIT-Trichy.In this orchestra,dance team,variety team,tech team were participated.KLU got 1st place in solo dance and solo instrument,2nd place in classical singing and variety.
7up Dance Pattalam

  • 7up Dance Pattalam is an interstate dance competition conducted by 7up soft drinks, Pepsi co.
  • Our team participated in Tirunelveli Regional Audition for Group dance.

One of the active and popular club of Institution is Nature Club. It aims at inculcating a sense of awareness,about the environment and how to improve it amongst the students,and the general public. The motto of Nature Club is -“to strengthen the unity of mankind and nature-for nature’s sake”. At this let us awaken at natures need. Club has 4 groups:
  1. Awareness Group.
  2. Photographic Group.
  3. Rescue Group.
  4. Research Group.

    The awareness group conducts seminars and creates awareness among the public about wild life and their beneficial for human beings. The main work of this group is to dispel false beliefs about wild animals and to create awareness about wild life conservation.

    The photographic group collects photos of wild life, animals, birds, etc. The main work of this group is to take photos of wild species and to record the number of species present in the area.

    The rescue group saves animals, birds, snakes, etc. The important work of this group is to rescue injured and orphaned animals and to release them in a safe place like forest or any natural habits.

    The research group collects systematic data of animals and plants in and around our Institution area.
  • This club of KLU has organized field photography event for students on 7.9.14 at Amabasumthiram, Tirunelveli District. The purpose of the event is to find the Destruction or development happens there during next visit and to capture photography of rare species available in that land.
  • Nature club has organized Cycle Rally on “World Zero Emission Day” on 21st September. About 100 students were participated in cycle rally. This programme focuses awareness on causes, effects and prevention of smoke emission to public of nearby villages.
  • To Appreciate the Participants and Coordinators rendered services Aadi Amavasai camp at Sathuragiri Mahalingam Temple on Saturday 18th April 2015 at 10.00AM IN Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Block Seminar Hall
  • Photography Club and English department of Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education organized a Exhibition“Grace and Elegance” by our beloved Chancellor Kalvivallal Sridharan at 9 am on Friday, 10October 2014. The Exhibition was the first of its kind on the Institution premises and as such it drew a large number of students and faculty, not only from the Institution but also from the sister institutions like the Arulmigu Kalasalingam Arts and Science College, Kalasalingam Institute of Technology and Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Education. In all, 2300 students and faculty enjoyed the event. The feedback the Exhibition received was mindboggling.

Annual Report

Annual Report of Nature Club



Beatrix 2023

Bees and other pollinators, such as butterflies, bats and hummingbirds, are increasingly under
threat from human activities. Pollination is, however, a fundamental process for the survival of our
ecosystems. Nearly 90% of the world’s wild flowering plant species depend, entirely, or at least in
part, on animal pollination, along with more than 75% of the world’s food crops and 35% of global
agricultural land. Not only do pollinators contribute directly to food security, but they are key to
conserving biodiversity.

To raise awareness of the importance of pollinators, the threats they face and their contribution to sustainable development, the Nature club, KARE celebrated the World Honey Bee day as Beatrix
2023 on 16 th September 2023.

The goal is to strengthen measures aimed at protecting bees and other pollinators, which
would significantly contribute to solving problems related to the global food supply and eliminate
hunger in developing countries.

Dr. I. Rabeena, Assistant Professor (Agricultural Entomology), Kalasalingam School
of Agriculture and Horticulture, presided over the event and graced the occasion with a lecture
titled “Friendly Bees in KARE Campus”. Her lecture followed by plantation of Flowering plants
in our Campus. Afternoon Session had so many competitions, viz., dancing, macro photography,
videography, sketching, meme creation, where students participated very enthusiastically. 346
students participated in this programme. All the winners were awarded at the end of the session.
Dr. A. Bharathi, Club Co-ordinator, Nature Club of KARE (Assistant Professor, Kalasalingam
School of Agriculture and Horticulture) co-ordinated this event.

  • Tamil Mandram of Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education is a literary as well as cultural club established to provide a platform to share students’ passion for Tamil language,culture and heritage through wide spectrum of multi dimensional activities.The activities of the clubs includes literary events like guest lectures by eminent writers and popular orators, events for school children, creative writing competitions for Institution students, and events promoting ancient Tamil Martial arts like silambattam.Members of the club have been proving themselves across the state not only by winning writing and oratory competitions but also by participating in Television competitions and Talk shows. Tamil Mandram plans to release an annual magazine, a short film work shop and a series of competitions for Tamil loving Technocrats.
  • Tamil Mandram organized the event EMPALLI 14 on 17.10.2014 at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education to develop the interest in literature and cultural events.A speech was given by vice chancellor and he also lit the holy lamp.The Inspiring speech was given by our chief guests are Mr. Vijayan,Mr. PO.KO. Saravanan,Mr. Azaar,Mr. Sarithiran.The competitions held and Pyrosis performance were performed.

MILIR 2023

Tamil Mandram has celebrated its 14 th year Anniversary in the name of Milir'2023 on
19.08.2023 at Administrative Block Seminar Hall by 10.30 AM. Dr. L. Muthulakshmi, Faculty
Advisor of Tamil Mandram, welcomed the dignitaries on and off the stage. Dr. A. Samson
Nesaraj, Director Students Affairs, delivered a Presidential address. Ms. RJ. Naga, Radio City,
Madurai, delivered a special address about Tamil language and heritage, how to be a RJ and
Radio jobs. Around 550 students were participated in this event. The programme came to a close
with a vote of thanks proposed by Ms. S. Azhagumeera, Student President of Tamil Mandram.
Dr. C. Sangeetha, Coordinator of Tamil Mandram organized the event.

Aram 2K23

To commemorate the Teachers Day, Tamil Mandram organized a special event on the title, ‘ARAM 2K23’ on 16 th September, 2023 at Dr. V. Vasudevan Seminar Hall. During the programme, events like
Best Teacher, Poetry, Memes, As you like it and Book Review were conducted. More than 100 students
were participated. This programme was co-ordinated by Dr. T. Dhiliphan Rajkumar, Assistant Professor-
CSE & Programme Officer of Tamil Mandram.

National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) was formed in Kalasalingam Academy of Research and
Education in September 2003 under the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948. It was raised as a
subunit under the unit 4(TN) Engineering Company NCC, Madurai, with a sanctioned
strength of 100 cadets.

The company was inaugurated by our beloved Chairman, Kalvivallal Thiru. T. Kalasalingam,
and the former Principal, Dr. C. Thangaraj. The company commander at the time of raising
was C/T Mr. Manivannan. This subunit has achieved several milestones and has added
several feathers to the crown of our university.


International Youth day celebrations

Sherlock Holmes Club of KARE has organized the ‘International Youth day celebrations’ in
the University Campus on 05-08-2023. Events such as Accuracy Game, Quiz, Proverbial
Pursuit, Face Painting, Talent Show, Photography, Chess, Carrom, Sketching and Look Back
were conducted. More than 500 students participated and received prizes.

International Suicide Prevention Day

Sherlock Holmes Club of KARE has organized ‘International suicide prevention day’ in the
University Campus on 02-09-2023. Ms. Kehkashan Habeeb, Assistant Professor, Department
Forensic Science (Convenor of Sherlock Holmes Club) gave the welcome address. Dr. C.
Ramalingan, Dean, School of Advanced Sciences delivered the special address about the ill
effects of suicides. Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj, Director, Student Affairs listed the reasons for the
suicides in India and encouraged the students to have hope to overcome all the problems. Dr.
M.C. Janaki, HoD, Department of Forensic Science gave the vote of thanks. All the
participants took the pledge for suicide prevention.

The following competitions, viz., slogan writing, sketching, essay writing and photo collage
were conducted. More than 200 students were actively participated in the competitions and
received the certificates & prizes..

Cyber Awareness Day (30-09-2023)

Sherlock Holmes Club of KARE has organized the Cyber Awareness Day on 30 th September,
2023 at Forensic Science Lab. Cyber Awareness Day refers to an event or initiative
focused on raising awareness about cyber security issues. Cyber security is a critical
concern in our digital age, and many organizations, governments, and individuals host
events and campaigns to promote awareness about online safety, data privacy, and the
importance of protecting digital information. As part of this programme, competitions
such as, create a password, poster making, meme creation and quiz were conducted. 200
students were participated in the competitions and won the prizes. Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj,
Director (Student Affairs) spoke about cyber awareness and distributed the certificates to the
students. The programme was co-ordinated by Ms. Kehkashan Habeeb, Co-ordinator,
Sherlock Holmes Club (Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Science).

World Photography Day

World Photography Day was celebrated across KARE on August 19 2023 by KARE
Photography Club. Different Photography Competitions were conducted to encourage the
student photographers of KARE to capture and share meaningful moments and showcase
their creativity and vision through captivating images. Around 160 students from different
departments of the KARE campus participated in the events. Technical events such as
Themed portrait photography, Reflection photography, Photo film, Product Photography and
Non-technical events such as Treasure hunt and Photo puzzle were conducted.

Director of Student Affairs Dr. A Samson Nesaraj inaugurated the event. Faculty advisor Mr.
Amaljith N.K (AP/VISCOM) and Club President Ms. Agnes Prismitha (4th Year IT) presided
over the programme.

The event's success highlighted the enduring power of photography to inspire, connect, and
convey stories that resonate with people from all walks of life.

Onam celebration of 2023

Photograph Club of KARE co-ordinated ‘Thimirppu’ (Onam celebration of 2023) on 3 rd
September 2023. The event was a resounding success, celebrating the rich cultural heritage of
Kerala and fostering a sense of unity and joy among the students and faculty members of

The program also included several fun activities and games inspired by Onam traditions,
including Tug-of-war, Bun catch, Lemon and spoon race, Musical chair, and the popular
Uriyadi. These activities encouraged active participation and camaraderie among both
students and faculty members.

The event's success can be attributed to the dedication and hard work of the organizing
committee and the active participation of attendees.

One Day Journalist 23

A One-day visit and photo walk to Karaikudi was conducted by the Photography Club of
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education on 14 th October 2023 under the name
‘One Day Journalist 23’. Karaikudi is the heartland of Chettinad and a major place of heritage
tourism in Tamil Nadu. The primary objective of this visit was to provide club members with
an opportunity to practice their photography skills, explore their creativity, and foster a sense
of community within the club.

The visit comprised three faculty members of KARE and 57 students including 30 girls and
27 boys.The members visited Pillaiyarpatti Karpaka Vinayakar Temple, Kundrakudi Murugan
Temple,  Attangudi Palace, and Chettinad Palace and explored the Chettinad and
Kanadukathan streets.

Throughout the day, club members had the opportunity to participate in a wide range of
photography activities, including capturing natural landscapes, architecture, portraits and
candid photography. The one-day visit conducted by the Photography club, KARE was a
tremendous success, achieving its primary objectives of skill enhancement and community
building. It improved photography skills and a deeper understanding of various techniques
and enhanced enthusiasm and passion for photography among club members.


International Year of Millets Competition

Yuva Tourism Club organized the millet cooking competitions to commemorate the
International Year of Millets during 13 th to 15 th September, 2023. The final event was held on
16 th September, 2023 under the title ‘Trek Champ’. The programme created an awareness
and innovation in millet-based cuisine among the students. It was a successful event that not
only showcased the talents of catering students but also emphasized the importance of
sustainable and nutritious food choices in today's world. The programme was co-ordinated
by Mr. S. Senthilkumar , Assistant Professor, CS & HM, Mr. P. Rajkumar , Assistant
Profesor, IT, Dr. K. Muthulakshmi, Assistant Professor, Agriculture and Ms. Loyala
Jasmine, Assistant Professor, CSE.


Freshers Fiesta 2k23

Fine Arts Club, Youth Red Cross, Photography Club and Tamil Mandram of KARE have
organized ‘Freshers Fiesta 2k23’ in the University Campus on 02-09-2023. Extra-curricular
events, such as, Ice breaker, Guess the lyrics (Music), Dizzy move, Music proshow, Fun
battle, Red carpet (Fashion), Dance Pro-show, Musical chair, Quiz (Variety), Cheers to the
Governor (Music), Cypher (Dance), Talent hunt, Match the point (Art), Fun time (variety),
Hear the blast, Rock the floor (Slambam performance), Jack pot, etc. were conducted.
Mr. S. J. Kabilan, Assistant Professor, Department of Biotechnology, Dr. C. Sangeetha,
Assistant Professor, Department of English, Dr. G. Kalusuraman, Associate Professor,
Department of Agricultural Engineering and Mr. N. K. Amaljith, Assistant Professor,
Department Visual Communication have co-ordinated all the events. The newly joined
freshman engineering students have enjoyed all the sessions performed by their seniors.

Teacher’s day celebration

The Teacher’s Day was celebrated in the University campus on 05 th September, 2023. The
function started with the state anthem of Tamil Nadu. Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj, Director
(Student Affairs) shared the welcome address. Dr. K. Sridharan, Chancellor inaugurated the
event. During his inaugural address, he thanked the faculty members who contributed for the
growth of the institution in terms of research. Dr. S. Narayanan, Vice Chancllor offered the
felicitation address. In his address, he shared about the ranking status of the University. Dr.
V. Vasudevan, Registrar encouraged the faculty members to work hard in order to take the
University to a greater level. Further, the Chancellor congratulated the faculty members who
performed well in terms of research publications. The cultural events were performed by the
students. The vote of thanks was shared by Dr. C. Sangeetha, Assistant Professor,
Department of English. The function came to an end with the national anthem.


In a spirited initiative aimed at making a difference in their community, the Youth Red Cross (YRC) club successfully organized yet another blood donation camp on December 16, 2023. Held at the Kalasalingam Medical College and Hospital, this event exhibited the benevolence and solidarity of young adults who stepped forward to save lives through the noble act of donating blood. Shielded by the unwavering support of the professional staff, this event demonstrated the power of collaboration,

The camp, meticulously organized at Kalasalingam Medical College and hospital, not only provided a secure environment but also offered easy accessibility for participants. To ensure a smooth operation, the camp received professional support from Rajapalayam Government hospital, who played a pivotal role in overseeing the collection and handling of donated blood. The camp was initiated by the Vice president sir, Vice Chancellor sir, Registrar sir and Director Students Affairs. Nearly 166 students were participated and donated the blood. the camp was well organized by Dr. G. Kalusuraman, Faculty coordinator and Students members of YRC.

Tamil Mandram – International Conference (11-12-2023)

Tamil Mandram celebrated Mahakavi Bharathiyar’s birth anniversary and organized an International Seminar titled, ‘Thisai Kattum Bharathi’ on 11.12.2023 at Dr.V.Vasudevan Seminar Hall. Dr. C. Sangeetha, Coordinator of Tamil Mandram welcomed the dignitaries. Dr. Ithayageetham Ramanujam, Secretary, All India writers Association, Chennai delivered a keynote address. Dr. K. Sridharan, Chancellor delivered the presidential address and honored the young researchers. Ilam Bharathi and Maha Kavi awards were distributed to the students and faculty members. Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj, Director (Student Affairs) received the Bharathi Sudar Award. Dr. Malini Anantha Krishnan @ Pachaivathi, Founder, Akila Ulaga Tamil Muzhakka Kalam, Australia delivered a special Address about Tamil language and its heritage. Writter Indiraneelan Suresh, London, UK delivered a talk about Mahakavi Bharathi’s poems. Poet Kalyan Sridhar, Nigeria, delivered a speech about the life of Tamil people in Nigeria. In this occasion, Kaviyarangam was conducted for the students. Around 250 students were participated in this event.

Human Rights Day (16-12-2023)

The Sherlock Holmes Club of KARE orchestrated a poignant and engaging event in commemoration of Human Rights Day on December 16, 2023. Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj, Director (Student Affairs) spoke about the important of human rights during the inauguration function. The programme was rich with activities that not only honoured the essence of human rights but also encouraged active participation and reflection on pertinent issues.
The programme also included several activities inspired by Human Rights such as-
Write for Rights: The club initiated a ‘Write for Rights’ campaign, urging attendees to craft impactful letters advocating for individuals whose human rights are under threat. This activity aimed to amplify voices and raise awareness about pressing issues.
Speech Sessions: Engaging speeches were delivered by students into the complexities of human rights violations and the significance of collective action.
Art Exhibits: A captivating showcase of artwork revolving around human rights themes.
Photography Exhibition: A poignant collection of photographs that captured the essence of human rights struggles and resilience
The event generated enthusiastic participation from attendees, fostering a sense of unity and shared commitment to championing human rights. The activities facilitated meaningful engagement, encouraging individuals to empathize with human rights issues and consider avenues for advocacy and change.
The programme was co-ordinated by Ms. Kehkashan Habeeb (Assistant Professor, Department of Forensic Science).

National Human Rights Day Activity

Kalasalingam School of Law, KARE organized ‘Human Chain Activity’ in commemorationcof National Human Rights Day on 12th December 2023. The primary goal of the human chain activity was to foster a sense of unity among students,faculty, and staff while emphasizing the significance of upholding and protecting human right Our School of Law's human chain activity during National Human Rights Week was a resounding success, fostering unity and promoting awareness about the importance of upholding human rights. This initiative not only contributed to the commemoration of the national event but also left a lasting impact on the participants, encouraging a continuedcommitment to human rights principles within our university.

Vishaka Club – Splash 2k23 (16-12-2023)

Vishaka Club of KARE organized SPLASH 2K23, a cultural and sports event in the campus on 16th December 2023. Inauguration function started at 11.00am with the lighting of the lamp. The event was then officially commenced with a prayer by Bhuvaneswari & team. The students actively involved in various cultural and sports activities. Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj, Director – Student Affairs participated and greeted students. He distributed the prizes to the winning teams. Dr. Kotte Amaranadha Reddy, Co-ordinator, Vishaka Club made all the arrangements. Ms M Divya Tejaswini, President of Club Vishaka proposed a vote of thanks.
Prior to this event, FLASHMOB was conducted on 15th December, 2023.

National Service Scheme (NSS)

National Service Scheme (NSS) wing of Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education organized a special camp for seven days during 28th November 2023 to 04th December 2023 in the following village regions (near to the University).

  • Malli
  • Sundarapandiam
  • Ammapatti
  • Muverivendran
  • Valayapatti
  • Kuppanapuram

About 500 students participated in the camp.

Awareness programme on Road Safety (11-01-2024)

National Road Safety Week in India is observed from 11 to 17 January. The week is dedicated to promote road safety measures to prevent road accidents.

To commemorate the National Road Safety Week, NSS Unit of KARE has organized an awareness programme on ‘Road Safety’ in co-ordination with the Police Department on 11-01-2024 in the Administrative Block Seminar Hall. The Police officials trained the students about the significance of following road safety practices like wearing seat belts, avoiding rage driving, wearing helmets, abstaining from drunk driving, etc. Many students attended this programme. Mr. Muthukumar – Inspector of Police, Krishnankoil circle distributed the participation certificates to the participants. Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj, Director (Student Affairs), Mr. S. J. Kabilan, Assistant Director (Student Affairs) and Mr. T. Rajpradeesh, NSS Co-orinator have made all the arrangements.

State Level Volleyball Tournament for School boys and girls (11-01-2024)

The Department of Physical Education, KARE organized a State Level Volleyball Tournament titled, “Kalasalingam Memorial Trophy-2024” for the School Boys and girls at the University Sports Arena on 11-01-2024. Twelve teams from different districts participated and played with enthusiasm. Rajapalayam Nadar Higher Secondary School won the first prize and championship in the boys category. Govt Higher Secondary School, Hosur won the first prize and championship in the girls category. Mr. S. Chithambaram, Physical Director made all arrangements. Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj, Director (Student Affairs) distributed the certificates, medals and prizes.

National Tourism Day

The Yuva Tourism Club, KARE organized a National Tourism Day program at Government Higher Secondary School, Pappayanaickerpatti, on January 12, 2024. Events like, essay writing and drawing competition were conducted to raise awareness about tourism among the students. Participants exhibited impressive understanding and creativity. Winners received certificates and prizes, contributing to fostering a sense of curiosity and appreciation for diverse cultures. The event successfully achieved its goal of promoting responsible tourism and left a lasting impact on participants and organizers alike.

Cultural Event during NAAC Peer Team Visit – 05-10-2023

Tamil Mandram and Fine Arts Club of KARE have organized a cultural event during NAAC
Peer Team visit to the campus on 05-10-2023 at Dr. K.S. Krishnan Auditorium. The students
performed variety of events, such, as Drawing, Bharanatyam, Silambam, Dance, Singing,
Fashion Show, Drama based on the life story of Dr. K.S. Krishnan, etc. This event was co-
ordinated by Mr. S. J. Kabilan, Assistant Professor, Biotechnology, Dr. C. Sangeetha,
Assistant Professor in Tamil, Department of English, Dr. C. Jothi, Assistant Professor,
Department of English and Dr. K. Kavitha, Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical


Tamil Mandram celebrated PAAVAI VIZHA and PONGAL VIZHA on 12.01.2024 at Dr. K. S. Krishnan Auditorium. Dr. C. Sangeetha, Coordinator of Tamil Mandram welcomed the dignitaries during the inaugural function. Dr. S. Narayanan, Vice Chancellor delivered a special address about Poet Andal, Tamil culture and Tamil tradition. Dr. V. Vasudevan, Registrar delivered a felicitation address. Ms. S. Azhagu Meera, Student Co-ordinator gave the vote of thanks. In this occasion, events like, Thiruppavai Oppuvithal, Uriadi, Kabbadi, Balloon Breaking, Pongal Preparation, Senthamizh Selvan and Senthamizh selvi were conducted for the students. Around 300 students were participated in this event.

Mirth 2k23 starts (30-12-2023)

Welcome to MIRTH 2k23 New Year’s Edition, an exhilarating intra-college event presented by PYROS, the Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education Fine Art Club. On the eve of December 30th , 2023, the campus came alive with the spirit of celebration and creativity as students and enthusiasts gathered to usher in the New Year spectacularly.

MIRTH, a longstanding tradition hosted by PYROS, once again took centre stage, promising an unforgettable evening filled with a kaleidoscope of talents, artistic expressions, and a vibrant showcase of the creative spirit within the Kalasalingam community. This special New Year’s edition brought a fresh twist to the festivities, combining the energy of MIRTH with the anticipation of a new beginning.

The campus pulsated with excitement as participants from various disciplines showcased their talents across a spectrum of events, promising entertainment, and cultural enrichment. MIRTH 2k23 New Year’s Edition served as a platform for students to come together, celebrate their diverse talents, and welcome the approaching year with enthusiasm, creativity, and a sense of community.

As we reflect on the memorable moments created during this event, we invite you to join us in reliving the magic of MIRTH 2k23 New Year’s Edition—a testament to the artistic vitality and collaborative spirit that defines the Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education Fine Arts Club. More than 600 students participated in various events.

Dirt Delight 2k23 (16-12-2023)

     World Soil Day is held annually on 5 December as a means to focus attention on the importance of healthy soil and to advocate for the sustainable management of soil resources. Our Nature Club took a moment to celebrate the same on 16th December 2023. Caring soil is extremely important for sustaining healthy life on earth. The human/animal health actually lies on good health of soil as it supports healthy plant growth to provide nutritious produce to keep us healthy. A healthy soil would ensure proper retention and release of water and nutrients, promote and sustain root growth, maintain soil biotic habitat, respond to management, resist degradation and act as a buffer for environmental pollution.

     An awareness rally was conducted by Nature Club, KARE at Watrap town. Around 300 volunteers participated in the event and they raised their voice as “Healthy soil, healthy planet!”, “Protect soil, nurture life!”, “Preserve soil, preserve life!” and “Nourish soil, nourish future!”. Watrap Police Station Inspector flagged our rally.

Fiesta 2k24 – 06th January, 2024

     Fiesta – a juncture to celebrate the bustle mother nature by providing food was organized by Nature Club on 6th January 2024 at Krishnan Auditorium, KARE. VJ Sidhhu and Harshat Khan graced the occasion with their presence and interacted with our students.

     This year on-stage like Dance Battle, Solo Singing, Group singing and Minute Fame was conducted on the day of Fiesta. Many off-stage competitions like Badminton (Single and Doubles), Cricket matches were held for our students and winners were awarded at the event. Nature Club introduces NC Trophy – boys cricket competition. Many fun events like Uri Adi, Tug of War, Karumaba Kadi, Usi Nool, Music chair happened at the Event.

Anti Cancer Awareness Rally (03-02-2024)

“Youth Red Cross” on behalf of Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education, to raise awareness for cancer, organized an awareness rally in watrap on Feb 3, 2024. The students walked around 2 kms of distance to deliver a strong message on how cancer can be treated and cured, especially when diagnosed early & cancer diagnosis is no longer an absolute death sentence. The participants carried placards with the messages for cancer awareness in this rally around 350+ students were participated. The event was organized by YRC club Coordinator Dr. G. Kalusuraman.

Awareness Programme on Bonded Labor (13-02-2024)

National Service Scheme, KARE organized an Awareness programme on Bonded Labour on 13.02.2024 in the Central Library Conference Hall. The Director of Student Affairs, Dr. A. Samson Nesaraj gave the welcome address. Mrs. C. Mivizhi Selvi, Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Enforcement), Virudhunagar, Mrs. D. Vasantha, Deputy Inspector of Labour, Rajapalayam and Mrs. V.S.Durga, Assistant Inspector of Laour, Srivilliputhur were participated in the programme. Special lectures on Abolition of Bonded Labour, Eradication of Child Labour and Legal Meteorology Act, 2009 were delivered by Mrs. C. Mivizhi Selvi, Assistant Commissioner of Labour (Enforcement) during the programme. At the end, a pledge regarding the abolition of bonded labour was taken up by all the participants. Mrs. R. G. Bharathi, HOD, Kalasalingam School of Law and Mr. T. Rajpradeesh, NSS Co-ordinator have made all the arrangements. 150 students attended the programme.

Trip to Munnar, 24-02-2024

The one-day trip to Munnar organized by the Yuva Tourism Club on 24, February 2024 was a resounding success, offering students a memorable blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and camaraderie. Through visits to botanical and cactus gardens, the elephant arrival spot, and Kundala Dam, participants gained a deeper appreciation for the wonders of nature. The campfire served as a fitting conclusion to a day filled with exploration and adventure, leaving participants with cherished memories to last a lifetime.
This event not only enriched the educational experience of students but also exemplified the club’s commitment to promoting responsible tourism and fostering a sense of community among its members.