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Admissions Open 2022-23

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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education


No matter what your interest is, Kalasalingam provides you a platform of different clubs to match your interest and grow your dreams. Kalasalingam Clubs are a gateway to explore your interest and contribute to your intellectual and social life.

As a club member one knows about one’s self, one’s interests and one’s goals. Students can unravel their strengths like multitasking, organization skills, team Building skills, leadership skills and service mindedness. They can also add skills to their repertoire. The clubs also help in pursuing an old hobby. Networking opportunities being major benefit Club members develop bond among themselves which help in growing their careers. Association of students with clubs help in showcasing ones domain interest, balance between work and hobbies.

At Kalasalingam, you are not limited with the clubs available. You have the privilege to start your own club with your interest group.