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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education


No matter what your interest is, Kalasalingam provides you a platform of different clubs to match your interest and grow your dreams. Kalasalingam Clubs are a gateway to explore your interest and contribute to your intellectual and social life.

As a club member one knows about one’s self, one’s interests and one’s goals. Students can unravel their strengths like multitasking, organization skills, team Building skills, leadership skills and service mindedness. They can also add skills to their repertoire. The clubs also help in pursuing an old hobby. Networking opportunities being major benefit Club members develop bond among themselves which help in growing their careers. Association of students with clubs help in showcasing ones domain interest, balance between work and hobbies.

At Kalasalingam, you are not limited with the clubs available. You have the privilege to start your own club with your interest group.



S.No. Name of the Event Date Name, Designation and address of Resource person/Chief guest No of participants with year and branch
1 Workshop on Youth Empowerment 03.09.2016 Mr. Ducati –Managing Director of Madurai Cable vision 450
2 Event – Essay writing Speech, Treasure hunt Surprise Event Quiz, Photographic, Poster Designing 03.09.2016 Mr. Ducati –Managing Director of Madurai Cable vision 450
3 Blood Camp 17.09.2016 Dr.Jaganath prabhu Rajapalayam Govt Hospital 296
4 A rally come Awareness program on benefits to the farmers in watrap locality 12.01.2017 Mr.Himana peer, President of Youth Autocracy 400
5 Uprooting karuvel tree and blood donation camp 04.02.2017 Dr. Rajaraman (Agriculture Department-KLU) 350
6 IMPACT OF YOGA AND MEDITATION FOR OUR HEALTHIER LIFE 18.02.2017 Mr.Kalaichamy (Srivilliputtur Manavalaikkalai mandram) 200

Annual Report

Annual Report for the Youth Red Cross (YRC)


    Green Army volunteers take part in many environmental related activities. Our chancellor and Vice chancellor and Registrar are interacting with green army volunteers on the day of tree adoption by the volunteers.
    Green Army E-Newsletter contact us:


    The Milan 2011 organized by SRM-Chennai in that Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education won Best college award (overall trophy)With 328 points.

  • Pradharshini’12 is the inter-college cultural fest conducted by Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai.
  • Our College Fine Arts team, Pyros participated in the following events:
    • Western Music
    • Solo Singing
    • Choreography
    • Classical Dancing
    • Variety Variety
    • Adzap
    • Won second prize in the event Adzap.
    • Won third prize in the event Variety Variety.

  • Vyuha’12 is the intercollege cultural fest conducted by Madurai Medical College, Madurai.
  • Our College Fine Arts team, Pyros participated in the following events:
    • Western Dance
    • Variety Variety
    • Adzap
    • Won first prize in the event Adzap.

    Fine arts club students of KLU attended the state level cultural meet at MEPCO Engineering College Sivakasi.In this orchestra and dance team participated and got first place in solo dance and solo instrumental.

    Fine arts club students of KLU attended the state level cultural Fest FESTEMBER in NIT-Trichy.In this orchestra,dance team,variety team,tech team were participated.KLU got 1st place in solo dance and solo instrument,2nd place in classical singing and variety.
7up Dance Pattalam

  • 7up Dance Pattalam is an interstate dance competition conducted by 7up soft drinks, Pepsi co.
  • Our team participated in Tirunelveli Regional Audition for Group dance.

One of the active and popular club of Institution is Nature Club. It aims at inculcating a sense of awareness,about the environment and how to improve it amongst the students,and the general public. The motto of Nature Club is -“to strengthen the unity of mankind and nature-for nature’s sake”. At this let us awaken at natures need. Club has 4 groups:
  1. Awareness Group.
  2. Photographic Group.
  3. Rescue Group.
  4. Research Group.

    The awareness group conducts seminars and creates awareness among the public about wild life and their beneficial for human beings. The main work of this group is to dispel false beliefs about wild animals and to create awareness about wild life conservation.

    The photographic group collects photos of wild life, animals, birds, etc. The main work of this group is to take photos of wild species and to record the number of species present in the area.

    The rescue group saves animals, birds, snakes, etc. The important work of this group is to rescue injured and orphaned animals and to release them in a safe place like forest or any natural habits.

    The research group collects systematic data of animals and plants in and around our Institution area.
  • This club of KLU has organized field photography event for students on 7.9.14 at Amabasumthiram, Tirunelveli District. The purpose of the event is to find the Destruction or development happens there during next visit and to capture photography of rare species available in that land.
  • Nature club has organized Cycle Rally on “World Zero Emission Day” on 21st September. About 100 students were participated in cycle rally. This programme focuses awareness on causes, effects and prevention of smoke emission to public of nearby villages.
  • To Appreciate the Participants and Coordinators rendered services Aadi Amavasai camp at Sathuragiri Mahalingam Temple on Saturday 18th April 2015 at 10.00AM IN Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Block Seminar Hall
  • Photography Club and English department of Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education organized a Exhibition“Grace and Elegance” by our beloved Chancellor Kalvivallal Sridharan at 9 am on Friday, 10October 2014. The Exhibition was the first of its kind on the Institution premises and as such it drew a large number of students and faculty, not only from the Institution but also from the sister institutions like the Arulmigu Kalasalingam Arts and Science College, Kalasalingam Institute of Technology and Arulmigu Kalasalingam College of Education. In all, 2300 students and faculty enjoyed the event. The feedback the Exhibition received was mindboggling.

Annual Report

Annual Report of Nature Club


  • Tamil Mandram of Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education is a literary as well as cultural club established to provide a platform to share students’ passion for Tamil language,culture and heritage through wide spectrum of multi dimensional activities.The activities of the clubs includes literary events like guest lectures by eminent writers and popular orators, events for school children, creative writing competitions for Institution students, and events promoting ancient Tamil Martial arts like silambattam.Members of the club have been proving themselves across the state not only by winning writing and oratory competitions but also by participating in Television competitions and Talk shows. Tamil Mandram plans to release an annual magazine, a short film work shop and a series of competitions for Tamil loving Technocrats.
  • Tamil Mandram organized the event EMPALLI 14 on 17.10.2014 at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education to develop the interest in literature and cultural events.A speech was given by vice chancellor and he also lit the holy lamp.The Inspiring speech was given by our chief guests are Mr. Vijayan,Mr. PO.KO. Saravanan,Mr. Azaar,Mr. Sarithiran.The competitions held and Pyrosis performance were performed.

NCC Details

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