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National Cadet Corps

The National Cadet Corps (NCC) was formed in Kalasalingam Academy of Research and
Education in September 2003 under the National Cadet Corps Act of 1948. It was raised as a
subunit under the unit 4(TN) Engineering Company NCC, Madurai, with a sanctioned
strength of 100 cadets.

The company was inaugurated by our beloved Chairman, Kalvivallal Thiru. T. Kalasalingam,
and the former Principal, Dr. C. Thangaraj. The company commander at the time of raising
was C/T Mr. Manivannan. This subunit has achieved several milestones and has added
several feathers to the crown of our university.

Our NCC cadets are trained in various activities, such as:

  • Drill for smart composure
  • Weapon training for confidence
  • Map reading for self-reliance
  • Field craft for calculations and lateral thinking
  • Physical training for toughness
  • Social service for leadership and selflessness
  • Shooting, cycling, trekking, and sports

Our students participate in various training camps every year, which consolidate their
training. They also participate in special camps and centrally organized camps, such as the
Republic Day camp, Thal Sainik Camp, National Integrated camp, Army Attachment Camps,
and all India trekking camps. The B and C certificates are offered by the NCC after one year
and two years of training, respectively.Associate NCC Officers of our University

S.No Rank Commissioned number Name of the ANO/Care taker Appointed date Relinquishment date
1 CT G.Manivannan Sep 2003 23.04.2006
2 LT 14110107 M.Muthuvinayagam 24.04.2006 30.03.2014
3 LT 14210279 C.Karthick 01.04.2014 30.09.2016
4 LT 14110382 S.K.M.Pothinathan 01.10.2016 Till date

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