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Admissions Open 2024-25

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Sponsored Research

Kalasalingam believes that faculty with research contribution and success in research will deliver their best to the students in terms of teaching theory courses with hands on experience and moulding the students towards identifying the problem statement and giving the solution in terms of product development. Institute has invested in good manpower and equipment which helps the faculty to publish their research finding in good journals, file patents and to get the good sponsored research from funding agencies like DST, DBT, DRDO, ICMR, CSIR, AICTE etc. Good research facilities are created with both institute support and with the funding agencies support, which creates the good opportunity for the students from UG, PG and Ph.D scholars to learn how to use the advance equipment for their project and research activities. The research mandate of our institute is

  1. Enhancing the connections between our institute and the communities. we serve locally, nationally and around the globe
    • Most of our research are based on the needs of local people, industries & global problem which is the common interest of our country and the partnering country
  2. Focusing more on sustainability and inclusive growth
    • All the research which is in the form of new product or material development are more focused with sustainability nature of it and it should be ecofriendly
  3. All the research outcome should benefit the society by publishing the research findings in good journals and by means of Patents and technology transfers
  4. Research ecosystems in the institute and findings should enhance the entrepreneurship culture

OnGoing Projects


Completed Projects