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Admissions Open 2024-25

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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education


Students can opt for rooms that offer Air Conditioned single, double and triple occupancy rooms with attached bath rooms as per student’s own need. The rooms are bright, spacious, comfortable, clean and airy with necessary accessories. All hostels
are with WiFi internet access. Hostel has a facility like RO water, water cooler, a common room with TV, 24 hrs power backup, which creates a homely atmosphere. All the hostels are also having extra-curricular and Co-curricular facilities
like libraries, Peer-to-Peer Learning classrooms, and Indoor and Outdoor sports. The hostel also has a general store, gymnasium, and beauty parlor for the girls and boys. We are facilitating the students by offering exclusive Laundry & dry-cleans
Services in line with international standards. To offer greater comfort in a hostel, Food is cooked and delivered adhering to the highest hygiene standards, and an executive dining facility is provided to students by a Global leading foodservice
company, Sodexo. The University also offers the facilities such as Central Library, ATM, Post office, Canteen, Health Centre, Mineral water plant, etc.

    Bank Facilities in the Campus
    1. Union Bank

  • The Institution has built a bank-building near the main entrance of the Institution and leased it to the Union Bank of India, a nationalized bank.
  • It is elevated to a core branch now.
  • The services of the bank include offering educational loan to the needy students, gold loan, personal loan and housing loan to the campus community.
  • The bank has set up two ATMS; one on the bank building and the other centrally located in the campus.
    • Working Hours of the Union Bank of India

    • Monday to Friday – 10.00hrs to 14.00hrs
    • Saturday – 10.00hrs to 12.00hrs
    2. KVB

  • The Institution has built another bank building near the CoE office and leased it to the Karur Vysya Bank.
  • It has been functioning as the core branch from June 2017.
  • The bank offers housing loans, vehicle Loans, Personal Loans.
  • The bank has setup an ATM Kiosk in the TIFAC – CORE
    • Working Hours of KVB

    • On All week days 10:00 hrs – 16:00 hrs

  • There is a post office on campus that handles a massive volume of mails on every working day.
  • The normal postal activities like selling stamps, registration, money orders, speed post service, etc are handled in the post office.
  • There are also a couple of courier service units on campus. Mails and parcels are sent and received by these centres.

  • In order to cater to the diverse tastes of the multicultural students and staff, the Institution has built a big canteen and outsourced it to a contractor.
  • It is a multi-cuisine vegetarian canteen and it functions from morning till evening.
  • The price of the snacks and other food items like the meals are controlled by the Institution authorities.
  • A minimum of 200 people can sit and eat in the canteen. In the tea-breaks of the Institution, the canteenwalahs transport the eatables and tea/coffee to the various blocks of the Institution and serve the student community, in other words, there are mobile canteens as well in the Institution.
  • Besides this central canteen, there are also a few other smaller canteens, where fresh fruit juices and bakery items are served to the campus community, all at controlled prices. In addition to these, there is also a North Indian Canteen that serves exclusively North Indian menus to the North Indian students.
Other Eateries

  • In addition to Nalabagam, there are plenty of other eateries selling appetizing delicacies.

  • The Institution has built a clinic on campus and appointed a male and a female doctor and also sufficient medical attendants to attend to the physical problems of the campus community.
  • Care has been taken to stack ample drugs and injections and the other necessary items in the clinic.
  • A round the clock ambulance service is also available on campus to shift the patients to the nearby multispecialty hospitals if there is a need.
  • 30 beds are also available for providing immediate treatment to the students.
  • A trained counselor is also available to provide counseling to the needy students.

  • The Institution spends a whopping sum of money every year to provide clean drinking water to the campus community.
  • A big Mineral Water Plant is set up on campus to purify the ground water and convert it into mineral water.
  • The mineral water thus obtained is supplied to various hostel buildings in tanker lorries.
  • The same water is made available in all academic blocks and floors by pumping it to storage tankers from the tanker lorries.

  • A hi-tech automatic computerized sewage treatment plant, procured from Germany, is set up on campus to recycle the used water in various hostels and main blocks.
  • The recycled water is used to maintain the campus garden and also to irrigate the coconut grove.
  • The sewage treatment plant confirms to Pollution Control Board norms and enormously helps protect the environment.

  • Five Photocopying Centres have been outsourced to five different contractors on campus.
  • These outlets are functioning in different locations of the Institution premises and serving the students and faculty.
  • These units not only take photocopies, but also take up other student-friendly activities such as lamination, spiral binding, theses-binding and colour print-outs.
  • Once a student comes into the campus, he or she has no need to go out of the campus for their needs. All their requirements are taken care of.