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Feedback Form for Students on Curriculum, Course, Teaching-Learning
Process and Assessments

S.No Parameter Questions Excellent Good Average Fair Poor
1 Curriculum How are the theory and practical components in the curriculum balanced?
2 Syllabi How are the course contents sequenced in the syllabus and lectured as per course plan?
3 Research How are the course contents helpful to select research problems and do research?
4 Industry How do the curriculum provide technical skills needed for industries?
5 Teaching Are the teaching aids and ICT effectively chosen by the faculty to facilitate your learning?
6 Teaching How is the syllabus coverage of the courses in the class?
7 Learning Did the course content enrich your knowledge?
8 Learning How do you feel about Learning Management System (PPT, Hand notes, videos, etc.,) in terms of understanding the concepts of the course?
9 Assessment Rate the assessment process/procedure (quiz, open book and slip test, assignments, etc.,) adopted during the course
10 Flexibility Do you have the flexibility in choosing the course/course teacher during the start of the semester?
QuestionID Question Response
244 Any other comments

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