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Admissions Open 2024-25

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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

Ph.D – Chemical Engineering

PhD programme in Kalasalingam is the flagship programme which enables candidates to explore the
realms of technology and come up with ideas that can enhance the technological growth of the nation
as well as benefit humans in the longer run. We provide a multidisciplinary environment where
doctoral students from different disciplines can meet and work together on applied engineering
research topics with direct impacts on society. The aim of the programme is to inspire innovation in
the technical field and improvise existing technologies for better results. Research projects and thesis
are the major part of the programme.

Area of Expertise

Presently our research scholars are working in the research problems of the following areas

  • Waste water treatment
  • Electrochemical Device
  • Membrane Technology

List of Supervisors

Name Designation Specilization
Dr.V.Aruna Janani Associate Professor Waste water Treatment