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Master of Business Administration


To be a world class business school providing value based professional excellence


To create an excellent teaching and learning environment to impart quality education by focusing on nurturing innovation, entrepreneurship, research and ethics by enhancing their self-confidence, creative skills and professional expertise thereby developing leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion


Department of Business Administration academic programs are designed to provide graduates with cutting edge skills and attributes that make them excel in their respective field. Our Department is imbibed with modern infrastructure and technological support to facilitate teaching, learning and personality development of its future manager sand professionals. Our lecture rooms and computer facilities are well-equipped and we have excellent library resources. Students are encouraged to follow their passion and aspirations when choosing their study.


Department of Business Administration promote creativity, Personality Development, Effective public speaking, Leadership skills, Team spirit and Social Responsibilities.

Association Activities are;

1. Competitions

2. Guest Lecturers

3. Paper Presentations


Curriculum & Syllabus

Bachelor of Business Administration

2018 Curriculum


1. To equip students with adequate skill and confidence to choose careers in management and entrepreneurship.

2. To develop professional competency among students to do higher studies, research and lifelong learning for continuous growth and development.

3. To transform students into responsible citizens and leaders to create positive impact on business through ethical, value based and environment friendly business solutions.

BBA program aims to achieve the following objectives:

1. Students should exhibit their knowledge of management principles.

2. Students should demonstrate their critical-thinking, and problem solving skills.

3. Students should manifest their leadership qualities.

4. Students should be able to work in multidisciplinary teams.

1. Business Knowledge: An understanding of management skills in their areas of specialization in fields of Finance, Human Resources, Marketing, Production, Supply Chain and Logistics, Healthcare, Banking and Insurance enabling enriched global business impact.

2. Critical Thinking and Problem Analysis: Ability to Identify, Formulate and Analyze the contemporary issues in the business process by critical thinking to identify the best strategic alternatives.

3. Conduct investigations of complex Problems: Conduct investigation using appropriate research design and analyze the qualitative and quantitative data by suitable research tools and techniques to solve the complex problem with detailed interpretation.

4. Strategic Decision Making and solutions:Apply technology and Brain Storm the innovative ideas to enhance organizational efficiency and choose the optimal strategic decision for obtaining effective solutions.

5. Modern tool usage: Ability to utilize the advanced contemporary tools and techniques for predictive analysis and modeling of the complex business issues to sustain and flourish in the dynamic business environment.

6. Entrepreneurial Skills: Ability to business ideas, develop business plans, understand regulatory requirements, and locate sources of finance to start, manage and sustain new business ventures

7. Environment and sustainability: Ability to understand the business environment and develop legal and ethical strategic plan that align with societal and environmental context for the purpose of sustainable development in the business.

8. Professional Integrity:Ability to address the social, legal, cultural diversity issues through ethical and value based.

9. Team work: Ability to function effectively on multi-disciplinary teams with extensive participation

10. Communications: Ability to communicate effectively and clearly, to comprehend, write, prepare and make effective presentations.

11. Global Business Opportunities: Ability to demonstrate the management principles and understand the diverse opportunities in the management functions and apply those as an Entrepreneur, Projects, field Work, Consultancy, and work in the Multidisciplinary business environment.

12. Life-long learning: Ability to empathize the impact of changing management concepts and thoughts on society and create awareness of contemporary issues through independent and lifelong

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