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Admissions Open 2024-25

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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering– Specialization in
Software Product Engineering powered by Kalvium


The Kalvium-powered B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering
(with specialisation in Software Product Engineering) degree
program helps students accelerate their career goals by
learning from the most contextual curriculum architected by
tech leaders. We place them in global tech companies at the
end of 1st year, where students achieve real-world readiness
to thrive in tomorrow’s world while earning a handsome


1. Full stack developer by the end of First Year

A full stack developer is the jack of all trades in the software world. They are associated with the creation
of an application from its start to finish. They design
the front end and the back end of an application
while ensuring its efficiency, reliability, and other
crucial features. Hence, there is a global demand for
FSDs. Become an FSD at the end of year 1 by learning
from building apps, websites, games, and more

2. Nurture Growth Mindset

Kalvium is powered by its cutting-edge curriculum,
endorsed by some of the leading tech leaders who
are part of the industry advisory board, helping
students grow to be their best versions, as well as
develop an attitude of lifelong learning.

3. Get Relevant Work Experience

Students get placed in global tech companies from
the end of 1st year. This will prime the students with
relevant work experience and cultivate leadership,
organisational & transferable skill sets. This ensures
that when they step out, they are more advanced in
all aspects of life in comparison to their peers.

4. Become Financially Independent

With our world’s first work-integrated liberal
engineering program, students will start earning min
₹15,000 per month via stipends and have a
cumulative earning potential of up to INR 8 Lakhs
working with global tech companies from the end of
1st year and also get mentorship from industry

5. Get placed in global tech companies

As students get to work with global tech companies
from the end of their 1st year, they are offered final
year placement opportunities with these companies,
helping them accelerate their careers.

6. Earn a high salary package

Kalvium is backed by some of the industry’s top tech
leaders, ensuring great placement opportunities for
the graduates. With 3 years of work experience, while
they study, students get to earn a higher salary
package i.e. 3x in comparison to peers from other
colleges during final placements.

Why B.Tech in Computer
Science Engineering (specialization in Software Product Engineering) At KARE?

-Average salary in comparison with regular graduates – 15-20

₹8 Lakhs
-Earn up to 8L in stipends before graduation (15k-40k per
months from 2nd year)

-Tuition fee recovered before graduating through internship

Learn the most relevant industry aligned curriculum

The Advisory board is composed of some of the country’s top
tech professionals who endorse our proprietary cutting-edge
curriculum, helping students achieve real-world readiness and
stay adept in future technologies.

Delivery Powered by Quadrangle

Our proprietary learning ecosystem that offers an immersive
learning experience, with interactive lessons, teacher-student
interactions, mini-projects, challenging labs, and more.

Learn by Doing

Students have built websites, apps, browser extensions, and
bagged internships within the first 6 months of the program

B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering (specialisation in Software Product Engineering) Eligibility

How to apply

  • Apply for the B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering
    (specialisation in Software Product Engineering) on [WEBSITE
  • KLU Selection Process Depends on clearing Kalviness Quotient (KQ) Challenge
  • Selection letter issued
    Subjected to fulfillment of eligibility and admission criteria
  • Programme Registration
    On receipt of the registration fee as specified in the selection
  • Provisional Admission Letter
    Issued upon completion of the selection procedure


10+2 or equivalent (CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB, Cambridge, State
Boards and other Govt. recognized boards) with passing

Selection Criteria

Clear Kalviness Quotient (KQ) Test conducted by Kalvium

Fee Structure

Tuition Fee

₹1.5L per Semester

Exam fee, Hostel fee, etc to be charged over and above

Curriculum & Syllabus

Syllabus Semester wise


Career Options

Students start working as software development interns at the
end of 1st year and get placed in top tech companies at the
end of 4th year.

Key Recruiters