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Career Guidance

Softskill & Training

The OCR inculcates in career guidance programmes for all the students right from the first year. The OCR organizes Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, and Communication Skills Workshops etc. The OCR also invites HR Managers from various industries to conduct training programmes for final year students.

Various functions of OCR includes:

The OCR is committed to the professional progress of KARE students through integrating the career issues within an academic environment for realizing their best possible career path.

Career Development Programs organized by OCR are:

Personality Development Program

Communication Skills

Group Discussion Practice



Industry to
expert interaction

Under Training Programs


During Freshman Induction Program OCR teams invites Industrial Persons (from IT industries, MNCs, Core industries) to give brief talk about the latest trends in the industries and the prospects about the department of the IPS and IAS officer to give the motivational talks .


OCR team organizes soft skills program to enhance the skills in Aptitude, Reasoning and Communication.

3rd & 4th

OCR team is organizing a effective Industrial lectures and Workshops with various experts to create awareness about Industrial requirements and standards. The training is an extension of the 1st year training with assignments and tasks given based on individual topics. A practical exposure is given to realize the importance of the skill sets.

5th & 6th

OCR team is conducting the Training programs based on their skill set such as JAVA, C, C++ language, and programs based Listening Skills, Team Building, Assertiveness and Creativity. OCR is also conducting Group Discussion, Personal Interview and HR Round with the help of well-trained Experts.


KARE – OCR Team will start the Interview process based on their Academic CGPA as well as Industrial requirements. The KARE students will start receiving their letter of Intent from beginning of final year. Many of students will go for Intern in their job offered company.

KARE-OCR Team also focused on providing the technical certificate courses for the 1st year, 2nd year and 3rd year students on below proposed schema, in order to improve their practical technical skills,

1st year – C and C++ for all branches

2nd year – Android/Java, Robotics for all branches, LabView through NI lab

3rd year – Python/SQL/DBMS Android, CORE Java Digital Marketing

Outcome of OCR Training: