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Admissions Open 2024-25

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Kalasalingam Business School (KBS)

The Department of Business Administration was established in the year 1994 and was affiliated to Madurai Kamarajar University till 2002 and then affiliated to Anna University till 2007. After the institution was declared Deemed-to-be University status by Government of India from October 2006, our department comes under Kalasalingam Academy Research and Education .
Our academic programs are designed to provide graduates with cutting edge skills and attributes that make them excel in their respective field. Our Department is imbibed with modern infrastructure and technological support to facilitate teaching, learning and personality development of its future manager sand professionals. Our lecture rooms and computer facilities are well-equipped and we have excellent library resources. Students are encouraged to follow their passion and aspirations when choosing their study.

Why Business Administration

Business Administration is the foundation and if laid well takes you a long way in the professional world. Business Administration course comes at the undergraduate level, focuses on the study of management, operations, finance, marketing, sales, managerial principles, etc, and also the various fields related to Management.
MBA is a 2-year course which opens your avenues in the corporate world . It is the foundation for your corporate world and if laid well takes you a long way in the professional world. When it comes to MBA, this course comes at the postgraduate level, focuses on the study of management, operations, finance, marketing, sales, managerial principles, etc and also the various different fields related to Management.

Why Business Administration
at Kalasalingam ?

  • Emphasis will be more on applying the engineering concepts with the hands-on experience.
  • Students will gain an ability to utilize the gained knowledge of mathematics and engineering sciences to real time problems involving thermal, design, manufacturing and materials domain.
  • Students will gain an ability to specify, fabricate, test, operate, validate and complete documentation of any basic mechanical systems or processes.
  • Students will gain an ability to apply the acquired software’s skills to design and analysis of advanced mechanical systems or processes.

Programmes offered


  • BBA
  • MBA

  • MBA
  • PhD

  • PhD
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    Why Commerce

    The programs will empower you with crucial accounting skills, business knowledge, and Exemplary Communication skill and provide you with the networking opportunities that help to accelerate your career, either as a manager within the private or public sector, or in developing your own entrepreneurial ambition. This course will help you in building the personality, effective public speaking, leadership skills, team spirit, and social responsibilities. We give you one-to-one support to help develop you into a successful leader. The program also facilitates the students to acquire tecnhincal and soft skills required for industry. The department utilises the experiential teaching and learning process through tutorial, practical assignments and activities. This program also helps the students to enhance their skills in versatile platforms and entrepreneurial ventures. It facilitate an opportune environment to support the highly obligated and knowledgeable faculty team to plan their career enhancement focusing on innovative teaching methods, administration and research.

    Why Commerce
    at Kalasalingam ?

    • Emphasis will be more on applying the Accounting concepts with the hands-on experience.
    • Students will gain an ability to utilize the gained knowledge of Accounts,Finance and management
    • Students will gain an ability to Utilize the managerial skills in decision making
    • Students will gain an ability to apply the acquired Accounting and analytical skills
      in real time business environment

    Programmes offered


  • B.Com-Honours(Regular)
  • B.Com-Computer Applications

  • B.Com-Honours with Computer Applications
  • B.Com-Professional Accounting

  • B.Com-Honours with Professional Accounting
  • B.Com-Banking and Insurance

  • B.Com-Honours with Banking and Insurance
  • B.Com-Corporate Secretaryship

  • B.Com-Honours with Corporate Secretaryship
  • B.Com-Business Process Services

  • B.Com-Honours with Business Process Services
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    NSS Volunteer – 75th Republic Day march past

    VINTRA 2023

    Why Master of Social Work

    Master of social work at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education (KARE) provides the skills and training to be a reflective practitioner who works in ways that are ante- oppressive and achieves the qualification required. Here at KARE students are equipped with the knowledge, skills, values, critical ability as well as general transferable skills to make a difference in society. The course gives numerous opportunities both inside and outside the university campus for the student’s holistic development. The students are encouraged to grow and reflect as mature competent professionals, capable of independent decision making and practice in the field.

    Why Master of Social Work
    at Kalasalingam ?

    • Classes are engaged with subject experts with a good mix of lecture, discussion as well as field practicum and field visits.
    • Special effort is taken to enhance the usage of digital tools for the benefit of students for Community usage.
    • Community Living camps are organised to give a chance for students to get to know the community in all possible ways and apply the learning in the field.
    • Partnerships have been initiated with various Government and Non-Governmental Organisations for imparting practical scenario about the social work profession.
    • Social networking and guest speaker activities are arranged regularly to enrich student’s learning experience.
    • Village immersion programmes are conducted in order to give community exposure for the students
    • Social Labs are conducted in the field area to enhance practical usage of Social Work methods.

    Programmes offered


  • MSW
  • Accredited by



    Total number of Laboratories

    Total number of Equipments


    The students managed to develop 10 innovative products in 5 years. They have also got 23 patents and 55 publications under their name. The students have done wonders in the field of extracurricular
    activities apart from academics. The students took part in many National and International Events” and bagged lots of medals. The students of the school of automotive and mechanical
    engineering are offered a One Credit Course from the Industry and International Professors. The department invites resource persons from industries and abroad to handle one-credit
    course in order to raise awareness and bring industrial skills to our students (15hours).


    Our KBS’s students L.Parthasarathy (B.Com), A.Muthu Mala (B.Com), and K.Selvakumaran (B.Com-PA) with R. Charan Vivek Raj (B.Tech. CSE) won the FIRST PRIZE in ACCATHON ’24 organized by Indian Accounting Association & Nirma University, Ahmedabad.

    Silambam Competition

    D PANDEESWARI (II B.Com CA A Section) student has won 3rd Prize in State level Silambam Competition


    Mr. S.G. Arun Prabhu (I R), participated in the 34th South Zone Aquatic Championship – 2023, organized by Karanataka Swimming Association held at Bengaluru and Won Bronze Medal.

    Aqua Fest Sea Swimming Award

    South Indian Sea Swimming Competition was held on 28.01.2024 at Lemoore Beach in Kanyakumari District. The competition was held under the leadership of Aqua fest swimming association They Won Gold Medal – 3 Nos, Silver Medal – 3 Nos, Bronze Medal – 1 No, total 7 Medals.

    State Level Silambam Championship – Won Gold Medel

    Ms.E.Abinaya Sri ( B.Com. Hons. (PA) ) student has participated and achive Gold Medel in State Level Silambam Championship under 19, conducted by Lee Martialarts SP Academy on February 11, 2024.

    Top Companies Who Hired
    From The KBS