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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

KARE Startup Policy

(Drafted in line with MHRD’s National Innovation and Start-up Policy 2019 for Students and Faculty)

Faculty members and students of KARE are occupied in knowledge discovery and dissemination. Wherever possible, the outcomes from R&D exercises carried out by our members are expected to get translated into commercial products. KARE encourages enthusiastic faculty members to start companies, be on the committee of companies in positions such as Director, Chairman, CEO, Technical Advisor, etc. While allowing such a role, KARE assumes that faculty members will make all efforts to balance their academic responsibilities.

The general guidelines towards the start-up activities are listed below.

NISP & TN Startup Policy

KARE Startup Policy


NISP Policy


TN Startup Policy



S.No Domain Expert Name Institution /Company Contact Details
1 NISP coordinator Dr.Viji.R Deputy Dean- Kalasalingam Business School
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education
Head- Business Administration
2 Incubation & pre-incubation services and facilities Dr J.Deny President-IIC,
TBI Manager
Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education
Co- Convener
3 Prof. Sherin Sam Jose Chief Executive Officer
Startups Valley AJCE TBI
Amal Jyothi College of Engineering, Kanjirappally, Kottayam, Kerala, India – 686518
4 Selected student/alumni Ramaiah Chidambaram (alumni) Chief Executive Officer
WhiziFi Robotics Pvt Ltd
5 Athiesh Manikandan MBA Student-KARE Member
6 Swathi K Food Tech Student -KARE Member,
7 Gadiraju Likith ECE Student-KARE Member,
8 T Rajesh Vikram EEE Student -KARE Member,
9 Innovators & entrepreneurs Mr. Nawas Babu Chief Executive Officer
S. A. Knitwears Private Limited
10 Startup founders from the regional ecosystem Mr.R.N.Ragupathi Muthu
Minniyal Pvt.Ltd
Virudhunagar Dist
11 Representation from key industry/industry association/network enablers active in your region Mr.K.R. Gnanasambandan Former Vice President TANSTIA
Founder Chairman MADITSSIA Trust


S.No Name Member Type Key Role/
1 Dr.R.Viji/MBA NISP Coordinator Convenor
2 Dr.J.Deny/ECE President/
Innovation Ambassador
3 Mr.K.Vijayakumar/EEE Innovation Ambassador Coordinator-IPR Activities
4 Dr.B. Perumal/ECE Faculty Member Coordinator- Entrepreneurship Awareness
5 Mrs.P.Priya/EEE Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity -SECT
6 Dr.S.Priya Durga/MBA Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity -KBS
7 Dr.S.B. Inayath Ahamed/MBA Innovation Ambassador Coordinator-Market Research
8 Ms.V.Nisha/EEE Faculty Member Coordinator-Student Participation
9 Dr.V. Muneeswaran/ECE Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity -EEE
10 Dr. S. Suprakash/IT Faculty Member Social Media Coordinator
11 Mr.D Prem Raja/IT Innovation Ambassador Social Media Coordinator
12 Dr. G.Murugaboopathi/CSE Faculty Member Coordinator – Event & Coordinator,
Entrepreneurial Activity-SOC
13 Faculty representative from SAME Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity-SAME
14 Faculty representative from SLATE Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity- SLATE
15 Faculty representative from SECT Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity- SECT
16 Faculty representative from SAS(Physics/Chemistry) Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity- SAS
17 Faculty representative from Architecture Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity- Architecture
18 Faculty representative from SBCE Faculty Member Entrepreneurial Activity- SBCE
19 D. Gokul/Chemical Student Member Event Coordinator
20 T Rajesh Vikram/EEE Student Member Innovation Coordinator
21 Gadiraju Likith/ECE Student Member Start-up Coordinator
22 Priyadharshini.V/BME Student Member Internship Coordinator
23 Swathi K/Food Student Member IPR Activity Coordinator
24 I.Muhammed Thoufeeq/Mech Student Member Market Research Coordinator

Activity Plan

S.No Title of the Activity Quarter & Trust Area Month/Week
1 Workshop on “Entrepreneurship and Innovation as Career Opportunity” Quarter 1(Sep 2021 to Nov 2021) Inspiration, Motivation and Ideation 1st Week of September 2021
2 Leadership Talk by Successful Innovators 3rd Week of September 2021
3 Leadership Talk by Successful Entrepreneur/Startup founder. (Alumni) 1st Week of October 2021
4 Workshop on Problem Solving and Ideation 3rd Week of October 2021
5 Exposure and field visit for problem identification 1st Week of November 2021
6 Idea Pitching 3rd Week of November 2021
7 Workshop on Design Thinking, Critical thinking and Innovation Design Quarter 2 (Dec 2021 to Feb 2022) Validation and Concept Development 1st Week of December 2021
8 Workshop Innovation and Prototyping Development 3rd Week of December 2021
9 Workshop on Entrepreneurship Development Phases 1st Week of January 2022
10 Workshop on Intellectual Property Rights 3rd Week of January 2022
11 Workshop on Design Validation through various model of design validation 1st Week of February 2022
12 POC Pitching 3rd Week of February 2022
13 Workshop on Business Model Canvas (BMC) Quarter 3 (March 2022 to May 2022) Prototype, Design, Process Development for Business Model/ Process/ Services 1st Week of March 2022
14 Business Plan Competition 3rd Week of March 2022
15 Workshop on “How to plan for Start-up and legal & Ethical Steps” 1st Week of April 2022
16 Mentoring Session with “Successful Start-up founders” (Entrepreneurs in Campus) 3rd Week of April 2022
17 Exposure Visit to Incubation Unit 1st Week of May 2022
18 Demo Day 3rd Week of May 2022
19 Workshop on Prototype Validation – Converting Prototype into a Startup Quarter 4 ( June 2022 to August 2022) Awareness about Startup and related Ecosystem 1st Week of June 2022
20 Workshop on Accelerators/Incubation – Opportunities for Students & Faculties – Early Stage Entrepreneurs 3rd Week of June 2022
21 Lean Start-up & Minimum Viable Product/Business- Boot Camp 1st Week of July 2022
22 Workshop on Angel Investment/VC Funding Opportunity for Early Stage Entrepreneurs 3rd Week of July 2022
23 Workshop on Building an Innovation/ product fit for market 1st Week of August 2022
24 Pitch to Angel Investors 3rd Week of August 2022

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