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Admissions Open 2024-25

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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

Ph.D – Commerce

A Ph.D. in Commerce holds significant importance as it represents the pinnacle of academic achievement in the field. This advanced degree not only signifies a deep expertise in commerce-related subjects but also reflects the ability to conduct original and impactful research. Those holding a Ph.D. in Commerce are often at the forefront of advancing knowledge in areas such as finance, economics, marketing, and business management. Moreover, this qualification opens doors to prestigious academic positions, research opportunities, and leadership roles in both the private and public sectors. Overall, a Ph.D. in Commerce is a mark of intellectual prowess and a key credential for individuals aspiring to contribute substantially to the advancement of commerce-related disciplines.

Area of Expertise

Presently our research scholars are working in the research problems of the following areas

  • Impulse Buying Behaviour
  • Emotional Intelligence/li>
  • Employee retention
  • General Banking and Finance
  • Green Marketing
  • Service Marketing
  • E-Marketing

List of Supervisors
Name Designation Specilization
Dr. S. Karthik Professor & Head General Finance
Dr. S. Rani Professor Banking and Finance
Dr. G. Ramesh Pandi Associate Professor Green Marketing
Dr. Viji S Associate Professor Service Marketing