Mark Andrew Spitz Swimming Pool

Construction of Mark Andrew Spitz Swimming Pool at Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education in the International standard was the big dream of our Founder Chairman “Kalvivallal” Thiru T. Kalasalingam and the dream of our Founder Chairman is now fulfilled by constructing the Swimming Pool which is built under the magnificent and mighty hills of Western Ghat.
The Swimming Pool is constructed with the technical advice from Mr. V. VALVEEMARAJA, Formerly Manager, Stadium Officer, Aquatic Complex Velacherry, Chennai.

Details of the Swimming Pool is as follows:

Total area  of the Mark Andrew Spitz Swimming Pool 5667 sq.m.
Built up area 1320 sq.m.
Size of the Mark Andrew Spitz Swimming Pool 50 m x 25 m
No. of Lanes 08 Lanes
Depth 5 Feet

Life Guards
Life Guards, who are well versed in swimming and are having swimming certificates were appointed. They are keeping close eye on the swimmers and the pool to ensure the safety of the swimmers.

They are well versed in basic medical training and are qualified for Emergency Medical Rescue Training from Rashtriya Life Saving Society of India.

Upkeep and Maintenance of Swimming Pool
Swimming Pool is always maintained with Clean and hygienic sourrounding, following the words of Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of our Nation.

Before filling up the swimming pool, the water goes through various processes of filtration at the filtration plant. The pool water is chlorinated on every Monday. The water is tested every day for pH level and chlorine level present as per the safety standards.

Every Monday, the swimming pool is closed and all the cleaning works are taken place.

Flood lights are installed for lighting purpose at night times.