S. No Title of the Project Principal Investigator(s) Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned in Rs. Approval letter Number and Date
1.                    FIST Dept. of ECE DST 4200000 SR/FST/ETI-336/2013(c) dt. /10/2014
2.                    Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) Dr. M.Jeyakumaran DST 4530000 11/04/2014-NEB(C) dt 01/08/14
3.                    Design of Phenothiazenylpyrimiding decorated novel heterocycles as antitubercular agents Dr. C. Ramalingan ICMR 2100000 58/16/2013-BMS dt 03/03/15
4.                    Machining and Erosion studies of Red mud an Industrial waste based Polymer matrix Composite Dr. M. Uthayakumar MEFCC 2700000 19-20/2012-RE dt 10/03/2016
5.                    Supramolecular Underwater Adhesives using Cucurbiturils and Cyclodextrins Dr. N. Selvapalam SERB 2824000 ECR/2015/000318 dt 11/03/2016
6.                    Computational Studies on Binary Oxide Nanoclusters and their Applications in Catalysis Dr. P. Selvarengan SERB 1907400 YSS/2015/001311 dt 11/05/2016
7.                    Performance Investigation of Green Composite-A Formulated Microbial Organism Based Novel Bio-Resin Dr. N. Rajini SERB 2314070 YSS/2015/001353 dt 12/07/2016
8.                    Elucidation of Mechanism of adriamycin mediated male reproductive toxicity and recovery by restoration of epididymal adipose tissue Dr. S. Arunachalam SERB 379845 YS/LS-99/2013 dt 27/07/2016
9.                    Social Capital and Sustainable Livelihood Interventions among Irula Tribal Community in Tamil Nadu Dr. K.M. Ashifa NRDMS DST 733700 NRDMS/SC/ST/44/016(G) dt 17/10/2016
10.                Experimental Investigation on the effect of pylon based injection in Modified Dual Combustion Ramjet Engine Dr. S. Jeyakumar DRDO 931750 ARDB/01/10411833/M/I dt 19/01/17
11.                Experimental Investigations on Mixing and Combustion in a Modified Dual Combustion Ramjet Engine Dr. S. Jeyakumar SERB 2482970 EMR/2016/004160 dt 25/03/17
12.                Energy Saving through IoT Based Building Automation and non linear predictive controller Dr. D. Devaraj, Dr. Seshadhri Srinivasan, Dr. B, Subathra, Mr. M. Karuppasamypandian DST 2010360 TMD/CERI/BEE/2016/088(G) dt 09/03/17
13.                Impact of Indian Soap Opera on Women Behavior: A Comparative Study in Tamil Nadu and Kerala Dr. M.Jeyakumaran, Dr. K.M. Ashifa NCW 903000 16(66)/2015-16/NCW(RS) dt 31/07/17
14.                Fabrication and Systematic Investigation on Novel Nano Crystalline Quaternary Cu2ZnSnX4(X=S, Se, Te) Thin Films as Absorber Layer for Solar Cell Application by SILAR method”. Dr. Asath Bhadur SERB 1863911 EMR/2016/006874 dt 04/08/2017
15.                Study on the effect of heat treatment on 3D printed Su-718 Material Dr. J.T. Winowlin Jappes, Dr. M. Adam Khan DRDO 987900 GTRE/MMG/BMRI/1035/18/CARS/A/18 dt 29/05/18
16.                Elucidating the role of PPAR alpha in the development of doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy Dr. Sankarganesh Arunachalam SERB 1000000  EMR/2016/003548 dt 05/06/18
17.                Use of recombinant bacteriophage as a novel delivery vehicle for viral CTL epitopes Dr. K. Sundar SERB 4429600 EMR/2016/003035 dt 16/07/2018
18.                Investigation on the performance of Abrasive Water Jet Machining on Armor Steel Dr. M. Uthayakumar DRDO 1135000 CVRDE/MMG/SPC/127/17-18 dt 27/07/18
    Dr. S. Thirumalai Kumaran      
19.                Resilient and optimal micro-Energy-grid (ROME) Dr. Seshadhri Srinivasan International Bilateral Cooperation Division 1989000 INT/NOR/RCN/ICT/P-05/2018 dt 06/08/18
20.                Unraveling the physiological mechanism of heartfulness meditation, Pranahuti-mediated benefits on cardiovascular risk Dr. Sankarganesh Arunachalam DST 4613968 DST/SATYAM/2017/119(G) dt 20.09.18
21.                A study on Hazard and Risk Assessment of firework industries in Sivakasi, Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu R. Ramalakshmi, A. Robert Singh DST-NSTMIS 2790000 DST/NSTMIS/05/312/2017-18 dt 29.10.2018
22.                An IoT based Smart Artificial Pancreas and an ICT Platform for Treating Diabetes in Elderly Dr. S. Seshadhri DST-SEED 5640886 SEED/TIDE/2018/59/G dt 13.11.2018
23.                FIST Dept. Of EEE DST 2700000 SR/FST/ET-I/2018/214 dated 20-12-18
24.                A Smart Alginate-Pectin-Selenium nanoparticle scaffold and its application in cardiac tissue engineering Dr. A. Muthukumaran SERB 1788000 EMR/2017/004073 dated 29-11-18
25.                Investigations on rare earth metal doped metal molybdate nanocomposites prepared by micro-wave assisted combustion method for catalytic and energy storage applications Dr. S. Asath Bahadur UGC-DAE 226440 CSR-KN/CRS-103/2018-19/1042 dated 26-12-18
26.                Corrosion studies on 316 SSB4C composite prepared by powder metallurgical route Dr. S. Thirumalai Kumaran, Dr. M. Uthayakumar UGC-DAE 226440 CSR-KN/CRS-115/2018-19/1053 dated 26-12-18
27.                Investigation of Lithium Based Metal Oxides and CNT Based Nanocomposites for Lithium Ion Capacitor Applications Dr. N. Nallamuthu SERB- TARE 1830000 TAR/2018/001323 dt 22-02-19
28.                Self-Sustaining Photo Bio-Catalytic Reactors with Concomitant Biofuel Harvesting from Crepe Cotton Wastewater Dr. Naresh Kumar Sharma SERB- TARE 1830000 Tar/2018/000818 dt 27-02-19
29.                3D printed flexible optical fibers using biodegradable PHBV/Graphene Nanocomposites for Biophotonics applications Dr. N. Rajini International Bilateral Cooperation Division 780000 DST/INT/Thai/P-08/2019 dt 15-06-19
30.                Micromachining of Biomedical Materials (Shape Memory Alloys) using Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans and Thiooxidans Microorganism Dr. S. Rajesh, Dr. M. Uthayakumar SERB 1583855 DST/TDT/AMT/2017/160(G) dt 03.06.2019
31.                Biological Treatment of Hazardous Sludge from Petroleum Refinery Industry Dr. Naresh Kumar Sharma, Dr. S. Vanitha, Dr. C. Sivapragasam, Dr. M.Swaminathan Universiti Teknologi Petronas, Malaysia 178226 (US$2600) 170_20181219_KARE_MAMY dt 19.12.2018
32.                ECO friendly Manufacturing of Tiles from used PET Bottles (Pet Floor Tiles) Dr.I.Siva, VB. Saravanan, G. Ramkumar DST Start-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Student Start-Up NIDHI/18-19/10-11 dt 19/11/18
33.                Low cost Smart Cleaner for Solar Panels Mr. K.Vijayakumar, G.P.Santhosh Ram, M.Abubakkar Siddhik DST Start-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Student Start-Up NIDHI/18-19/10-11 dt 19/11/18
34.                Development Of Juice To Prevent Gastro-Intestinal Tract Cancer Using Banana Stems Dr. K. Palanichelvam, Mulla Sariyanaz, N.S. Supraja, Sahana Parveen DST-IEDC 100000 11/04/2014-NEB dt 14/09/18
35.                Bio Polymer And Graphene Nano Sheet Based Food Packing Material Which Can Be Efficiently Used For Carbonated Beverage Packaging Mr. S. I. Jeyanth Allwin, Ritujasree, Anet B George, Sreelakshmi DST-IEDC 100000 11/04/2014-NEB dt 14/09/18
36.                Development of Electronic Lockers with Multiple keys using Visual Cryptography Scheme Dr. K.Suthendran, Sai anand.M, Harish R DST-IEDC 100000 11/04/2014-NEB dt 14/09/18
37.                Attachable Wheelchair Automator Mr. G. Balamurugan, A.Deepak Praveen, K. Vijay, R. Gurumoorthy DST-IEDC 100000 11/04/2014-NEB dt 14/09/18
38.                Smart Tube light Dr.J.Deny, Mr.V.Ramachandran, R.Vengat Rahul DST-IEDC 100000 11/04/2014-NEB dt 14/09/18
39.                Sustainable Materials Dr. M. Uthayakumar, Dr. P. Balamurugan Poland National Science Academy 0 PPI/APM/2018/1/00027 Dt 12.02.19
40.                Bibliometric study of soft computing techniques and its applications Dr. S. Ramkumar NSTMIS 0 Sanctioned
Total       66110321