Internal Complaints Committee – Women

In compliance with the instructions of National Commission for women and fuidelines issued on the subject of sexual harassment of women in the workplace, KAR had duly consittuted a Complaint Committee for considering complaints of sexual harassment of female Students/ Faculty/ Research Scholar and Non-teaching Staff. The composition of the Complaints Committee was revised subsequent to various reason of the exisiting Chairperson/ Member. This Committee in the University has now been re-constituted on 08th July 2019 for considering complaints of sexual harassment of women employees/ students. The details of member as given below:

Composition of Internal Complaint Committee – Women

Name Designation
Dr. B. Subathra, Professor, EIE Presiding Officer
Dr. R. Kannigadevi, Associate Professor, CSE Member
Dr. Asifa, Associate Professor, MSW Member
Ms. M.S. Revathy, Associate Professor, Physics Member
Ms. S. Pongomathi, Associate Professor, Architecture Member
G.I.Rajammal, Lawyer, Srivilliputtur Member
Dr. K. Suthendran, Chief Warden, IT Member
Mrs. P. Murugeshwari, Non-Teaching Staff, ECE Member
Mr. R. Jayachandran, Non-Teaching Staff, Transport Member
Ms. G. Barkavi, Student – IT Member
Mrs. S. Murugeswari, Research Scholar/ECE Member

The Committee meets regularly to discuss the issues and grievances of female students and forward their recommendations to the Vice Chancellor for further action.

Internal Complaints Committee