Programming Languages Laboratory

The aim of this laboratory is to explore the mathematical structure to develop powerful techniques for writing and reasoning computer programs. The laboratory gives an hands-on experience in developing programs for Windows as well as Linux platforms with individual computer systems are available for the students. All the systems are well connected with the Network and UPS systems.

Programming Languages

  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Java
  • Visual Studio .NET

Database Software

  • Oracle 9i
  • MySQL
  • SQL Server 2005


The Department has its own library with more than 1000 text books, reference books, journals, magazines, CDs, project reports and book bank facility. Library and Reading room are open to all students and members of staff of the Department. The library has rich collection of textbooks, reference books, national journals in the branch of Computer Science and the collection is ever increasing. The library receives regularly newsletters, journals from various societies and organizations and provides the students and staff latest information in education, research and development.