• Network Technology Group
  • Network Security Group
  • Software Technologies Group

Network Technology Group


Provide training in core areas of Networking and carryout research and development activities in various identified areas of Networking and to provide testing services for inter-operability.


1)Network Technology Lab

About Network Technology Lab

This lab is supported by Cisco systems. These labs have state of art facilities at international standards in the field of network technology to providing training, certification and research and development facilities in the field of network technology.

Facilities :

  • Switching Lab: Catalyst 4500 Chassis Core Switch, Cisco WS C3550 distribution switch, WS C2950 Access layer Switch, WS C3920 Token Ring Switch

  • Routing Lab: Cisco 2611, 2620, 2612, 3745 Routers in multiple numbers along with Voice over IP, convergence facility.  CWRW-1.2 WAN Management Software.
  • Remote Access Server Lab: Cisco 2651 XM, Cisco 2691 high performance router with modem interface, Cisco 3661 modular router
  • Gigabit Test Facility: Catalyst 4500 Chassis Switch with Supervisor console, WS C 2950 G-24-EI with gigabit ports, CM LMS 2.1 LAN Management Software

2)Network Design & Installation Lab

About Network design and Installation Lab

Training lab for Connectorisation and LAN cabling system is established with leading network component manufacturer Tyco Electronics (AMP Interconnect). This state of art facility is  used for offering training and consultancy in design and installation of LAN cabling system.


AMP Interconnect Products for training and testing in Connectorisation and network design and installation.

3)Wireless Technologies Lab

Research and Development:

  • Access Technologies in Physical Layer

  • Routing Algorithms

  • IPv6 Routing & Scheduling

  • QoS in Media

  • Wireless and Convergent Networks

Short-term Courses on

  • Network Design and Installation
  • Enterprise Network Management
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Wireless Networks
  • Convergent Networks

Certification Courses on

  • Cisco, Sun, IBM, Microsoft, Nortel and others



Provide Training and consultancy services to users and serve as a certification agency for security products.



1)Network Security Lab


Network Security Lab is well equipped with  world class facility to offer research, consultancy and training programmes for the needs of the Industries, Academic Institutions, and Government in the areas of Information Assurance and Network Security.

Facilities :

  • Contivity 1700 Router for VPN and Firewall design integration
  • Alteon Switched Firewall 5408 with SSL Accelerator 310 for secured e-commerce design
  • Passport 8600 Layer 2-7 Switches for load balancing application
  • Web OS for Disaster Recovery Management
  • Business Policy Switch 2000 for connectivity
  • Checkpoint Firewall-1 software for Firewall Application
  • Security software for education and research work: Port scanners, Intrusion Detection Systems, Security Administration, Network Monitoring, Authentication, Encryption and Integrity checking, etc.

Research and Development:

  • Cryptography

  • VPN

  • Access control and Authentication

  • Disaster Recovery and Management


Short-term Courses on

  • Firewall, PKI, Disaster  Recovery and Management

Certification Courses on

  • Security+, NORTEL and CISA

Software Technologies Group


Software Technologies Lab


Software Technologies Lab is established in collaboration with IBM. This lab is having facilities to carry out research and development activities in the area of high performance computing, software engineering, network centric computing, web technologies, E-commerce application, etc.


  • Thinclients 
  • Web Servers, Java Development Tools

Open Source Technology Lab

Research and Development:

  • Agent Technologies
  • Software Architecture
  • Extreme Programming
  • Verification and Validation Process
  • Object Oriented and Component oriented design


  • Web Technologies
  • Datamining Tools, Cloudsim and Weka Tools

Short-term Courses on

  • Oracle Certified Java Programmer
  • Workshop on Android Development , IBM Worklight
  • IBM DB2,  Rapid Application Developer, LOTUS Domino, Tivoli

Certification Courses on