Centre for Learning Technologies

Recording Rooms

CLT is having recording room to record the staff delivery as video form. This facility aims to address the following issues. The junior/fresh faculty will be asked to deliver sample lecture which will be recorded and will be shown to them. Thus he/she can identify his/her strength and weakness during their own delivery.  The senior faculty or any subject expert will give bench mark lecture on selected topics. These topics can be recorded and distributed among the slow learners in the Institution.  This way CLT is creating its own video coaching materials. Two of our faculty members have undergone training on Techniques of Video Production for E-Learning at NITTTR, Chennai during 23-28, Mar ‘09.

NPTEL Material

CLT has purchased the NPTEL whole material and provide the same to the faculty members through LAN connections. Anywhere in the campus, faculty can connect the server and download either WEB based or Video course material. She/he can use for her/his class demonstration and share to the students. The Institution is having Wi-Fi connection throughout the campus.

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