The department offers consultancy services in various specialized field in the Computer Science and Engineering and interdisciplinary Engineering. The resources/ Expertise available in the department:

S.No Name Qualification Designation Areas of Consultancy Expertise Contact Number Email Id
1 Dr. P. Deepalakshmi Ph.D Professor Software Testing,Networking 9865061291
2 Dr. R. Ramalakshmi Ph.D. Associate Professor Programming, Website development, Software Development 9486488642
3 Dr. K. Kartheeban Ph.D Associate Professor Database design,Data analytics 9487339992
4 Dr. R. Murugeswari Ph.D. Associate Professor Networking,Data mining 9992350688
5 Dr. G. Murugaboopathi Ph.D Associate Professor Parallel and Distributed Computing 9600493050
6 Dr. T. Diliphan Rajkumar ME, Ph.D., Associate Professor Big data Analytics, Data Mining 9843972269
7 Dr. B. S. Murugan ME, Ph.D., Associate Professor Distributed Computing 9486130045
8 Dr. S. Dhanasekaran ME, Ph.D., Associate Professor Cloud Computing 9443444915