S.No. Name of the Faculty Designation Email ID Area of Consultancy
1. Dr. M. Swaminathan Professor m.swaminathan@klu.ac.in Photocatalysis & Environmental Remediation
2. Dr. C. Ramalingan Associate Professor / Dean-School of Advanced Sciences c.ramalingan@klu.ac.in Small Molecules Synthesis
3. Dr. E.R. Nagarajan Associate Professor / Head e.r.nagarajan@klu.ac.in Polymers & Composite Materials
4. Dr. N. Selvapalam Associate Professor n.selvapalam@klu.ac.in Isolation of Drugs from Natural Products, Sensors & Nanoparticles Characterization
5. Dr. S. Ramalingam Associate Professor s.ramalingam@klu.ac.in Electrodeposition & Corrosion Studies
6. Dr. P. Lakshminarayanan Associate Professor p.lakshminarayanan@klu.ac.in Nanomaterials & Peptides
7. Dr. S. Karthikeyan Associate Professor karthikeyan@klu.ac.in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells, Hydrogen Storage, Sensors & Molecular Modeling
8. Dr. K. Ragavendran Associate Professor ragavendran.k@klu.ac.in Theoretical Chemistry & Solid State Physics
9. Dr. M. Velayutham Pillai Assistant Professor m.velayuthampillai@klu.ac.in Organic Synthesis & Structural Characterization
10. Dr. S. Arunachalam Assistant Professor arunachalam.s@klu.ac.in Catalysis & Drug Design
11. Dr. B. Sundaravel Assistant Professor sundaravel.b@klu.ac.in Catalysis & Materials Chemistry
12. Dr. P. Lakshmanan Assistant Professor lakshmanan.p@klu.ac.in Catalysis & Nanomaterials
13. Dr. P. Rameshkumar Assistant Professor rameshkumar.p@klu.ac.in Nanomaterials, Energy Related Electrocatalytic Processes & Sensors
14. Dr. R. Rajajeyaganthan Assistant Professor rajajeyaganthan.r@klu.ac.in Patents – Searching, Drafting & Filing; Surface Coating
15. Dr. D. Geetha Assistant Professor geetha.d@klu.ac.in Surfactants for Detergent Formulation & Mixed Micellization
16. Dr. Gangadhara Angajala Assistant Professor gangadhara@klu.ac.in Nanocatalysis & Synthesis of Antidiabetic Drugs

Technical Services:

The following analyses are also being performed

  • Testing the presence of metal ions in soil/water samples
  • Removal of dyes from effluents of textile industries
  • Testing of water samples for contamination
  • Characterization of nanomaterials