Animal Biotechnology

Principle Investigator:
Dr. A. Muthukumaran (Ph.D. M.S. University, 2008)

Major Research Areas:

Zebrafish as a model organism for human diseases

Molecular conservation of animal genetic resources

Team Members

Full-time Doctoral Students:

Ms. S. Jeya Bharathi

Ms. P. Anantha Selvi

Mr. K. Kalishwaralal

Part-time Doctoral Students:

Ms. Rajeswari Uppala

Selected Publications of the PI:

Muthukumaran, A. (2011) Temperature induced chromosomal changes in Indian catfish Heteropneustes fossilis. International Journal of Biological Technology 2(3):38-40.1

Reena, S and Muthukumaran, A. (2009) Testosterone dynamics in women, Health screen 5(50): 3-6.

Muthukumaran, A. (2009) Rapid plasma reagine test for syphilis, Health screen 5(52): 18-20.

Muthukumaran, A. and Sukumaran, N. (2004) Heat and volume dependent effect of spreading of fish chromosomes in Lepidocephalus thermalis. Proceedings of Thermal Ecology. pp. 376-379.

Sukumaran,N and Muthukumaran, A. (2004) Freshwater Prawn culture in India-Traditional industry moves towards modern practices. Global Aquaculture Advocate, United States of America. Aug., pp. 48-51.

Muthukumaran, A. and N. Sukumaran (2004) Effect of heat on chromosomes of Asian Cat fish, Clarias batrachus, Proceedings of Thermal Ecology, pp.465-468.