The centre has an active academic and R&D collaborations with several national and international laboratories that include Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham, UK; SUNY Downstate Medical Cemter, New York, USA.

Dr. Shiva Sivasubramaniam,
Nottingham Trent University, UK
Anti-cancer activity of bioactive metabolites
Dr. Richard Coico,
SUNY Downstate Medical Center, USA
Computational Immunology, In silico discovery of drug targets
Dr. Mukundan Attur,
New York University, USA
Anti-inflammatory potential of bacterial metabolites
Dr. Shwetal Metha,
Barrow Neurological Institute, USA
Anti-cancer activity of Glutaminase

Collaborations Within INDIA

Investigator at KARE
Area of Research
Dr. K. Palanichelvam Dr. S. Sudhakar,
Manonmaniam Sundaranar University,
Regeneration in earthworm
Dr. K. Sundar Dr. Shenbagarathai,
Lady Doak College,
Computational studies in Drug Design
Dr. T. Kathiresan Dr. S. Rajagopal,
Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai
Effect of nanoparticles on cancer cells
Dr Cesil Raj,
St. John’s Medical College, Bangalore
Dr. A. Muthukumaran Dr. B. Siddhartha,
Central University, Pondicherry

Nitrilase activity of microorganisms

Collaborations Within the Institute

Principle Investigator
Collaborator & Department
Area of Research
Dr. K. Sundar Dr. S. Asath Bahadur,
Bioprospecting of marine environment for anti-inflammatory
Dr. S. Balamurali,
Computer Applications
Computational studies in Drug Design
Dr. C. Ramalingan,
Dr. K. Sundar & Dr A. Muthukumaran Dr. M. Pallikonda Rajasekaran ,
Electronics and Communication Engineering
Effect of electromagnetic radiations in murine immune system