English Department is one of the principal Departments of Kalasalingam University. It has been quite effectively functioning from 1984, the year the parent of Kalasalingam University, AKCE was born. The Department attained an enormous significance ever since the Multi-National Corporations started recruiting young Engineering graduates with communication competencies. For the past fifteen years, there has been a new shift wherein the English Department lays a lot of importance on improving the communication abilities and also the soft skills abilities of the students in consonance with the Industrial needs. In this way, the English Department has directly and indirectly helped thousands of the Kalasalingam Engineering graduates secure lucrative job offers with fanciful salaries.

In order to fine-tune communication competencies of the students, the English Department imparts the various nuances of the English language such as, Pronunciation (especially the British Pronunciation with a neutral accent) and also Accent that help the learners master their day-to-day communication and also a sizable contemporary vocabulary very much needed for the emerging Industry.


To mould the young minds into worthy citizens of the country enabling them to contribute their best to the society by maximizing  their potential  in communication related avenues.


To serve the economically and socially backward children of our country and help them communicate fluently in english and instill confidence into them to take up lucrative positions so as to help them reach greater heights in their respective community.