Laboratory Facilities

Well-equipped laboratories are available to meet the curriculum requirements and to carry out research activities. Adequate technical manpower support is provided for all the laboratories to maintain the equipment. All the technicians are encouraged to update their knowledge by attending training programs and workshops. The following laboratories are attached to our department.

The department is well equipped with the following laboratories:

  • DC Machines Laboratory
  • AC Machines Laboratory
  • Applied Electronics Laboratory
  • Power Electronics Laboratory
  • Measurements & Instrumentation laboratory
  • Renewable Energy Technology Laboratory
  • Power system Simulation Laboratory
  • INTEL Intelligent systems Laboratory
  • Power System Research Laboratory
  • KARE-NI Technology Innovation Laboratory

Industry standard components and equipment are available in all the laboratories.

DC & AC  Machines Laboratory

The department has well equipped laboratories through which creative ideas are sown in the minds of the students. This laboratory is established with the wide range of equipment’s for doing their regular laboratory experiments. The DC machines include generators and motors. The DC generators are of separately excited type and self excited type. In Induction motors, Squirrel Cage and Slip Ring type are available. Modern distribution panels (both AC and DC) are used to control the various electrical machines. The Laboratory serves the educational, research and testing requirements in the field of electric machines, electric motor drive systems, power and industrial electronics.

Applied Electronics Laboratory

The Applied Electronics Lab is equipped with all necessary devices, components and instruments required for doing experiments related to basic electronics, digital and integrated circuits. The role of this laboratory is to educate students in the concepts and techniques of Electronics Systems,   analogue components and integrated circuits. This lab has DC supplies, CROs, 5 in 1 test lab, Dual trace CRO, 4 trace CRO, Audio Power Meter, Components and IC tester, Linear IC Tester, DSO, etc. are made available in this lab.

Power Electronics Laboratory

It is to expose the students the techniques of designing and building power electronics circuits. Our laboratory is fully equipped with advanced Power electronic circuits and modules like three phase IGBT based inverter, DC-DC converter, MOSFET Chopper. The nature of power electronic circuits requires that the laboratory course be handled in a way different from the conventional laboratory approach. This lab is also used to conduct experiments in the domain of digital electronics. This lab is self sufficient in all respects. Each standard setup in the lab consists of basic and advanced trainer kits, oscilloscope and function generators. For enhancing the research work, intelligent power module is equipped through which simulation based experiments can be carried out.


Measurements and Control Laboratory

The laboratory established with testing and measuring instruments like DMMs, Tachometer, Stepper Motor Trainer, AC/DC Servo motor trainers, Magnetic amplifier kit which provides in-depth training to the students. This lab is general enough to hold a number of experiments suitable for giving students enough exposure to enable them to easily adopt experiments in more advanced laboratories in the department.


Renewable Energy Technology Laboratory

Renewable Energy Laboratory has conduct research in all aspects of Energy conservation and Renewable Energy Technologies. In this laboratory researchers and students have worked on solar and wind technology based projects. This Laboratory focuses on creative answers to today’s energy challenges. Energy researchers are transforming the way the nation and the world use energy. The major facilities available in the laboratory are MPP tracking system, Solar distillation system, Solar cooker, Solar pumping system, Thermo anemometer, 50W Solar PV Panel, Digital Lux Meter, 1KW Solar PV Array, DC-DC Converter, Battery Bank and Solar PV Emulator, .


Power System Simulation Laboratory

The power system simulation laboratory is equipped with matlab software which is helping the students and researchers to implement the advanced techniques in power systems such as phenomena for simulation; simulation techniques; role of physical models; system size needed; transmission modeling techniques; transformer modeling techniques; machine modeling techniques; protection, and control.


Intel Intelligence Systems Laboratory

This laboratory has been set-up at KARE campus with the technical support of INTEL India and FICE, Bangalore with a view to enhance the students and faculty member’s knowledge on embedded system and Internet of Things (IoT). The facilities available in the INTEL Laboratory are Computers with i7 processors, Intel® Galileo Generation2 Kits, Advance Sensor Set for Arduino-DF Robot, Wi-Fi Antenna, GSM/GPRS shield – ATWIN Quad-band GPRS/GSM Shield for Arduino, Arduino IDE and Intel XDK IoT Edition.


Power System Research Laboratory

The power system research laboratory is having more than 100 Core2duo high speed computers are available in the power system simulation laboratory. Special software such as Mi-Power 8.4.4 version, PSCAD 4.2.1 version, ETAP 14.0 version and ABB make MicroSCADA with Remote Terminal Unit, Power System Simulator are installed in this laboratory for the benefit of the post graduate students, faculty members and research scholars.


KARE-NI Technology Innovation Laboratory

The center is an initiative of National Instruments which strives to increase the employability of students. The center is the authorized center to provide hands on training in Lab VIEW for students and faculty members. The following facilities are available in the center are ELVIS, Lab VIEW, MyDAQ, My RIO, CRIO, CDAQ, FPGA Board and etc., ELVIS Optical Communication board, Telecommunication board. In our department 25 students are successfully completed CLAD certification.

Research Oriented Equipment’s & software’s available:-

S.No Name of the Equipment
1 PSCAD 4.2.1-Version
2 ETAP 5.0 – Version
3 MicroScada Software (8.4.4 Version)
4 RTU with Signal simulator box
5 PLC with Analog Module
6 Mi-Power Software
7 Image Developer’s Kit
9 OMAP 5912 Starter kit
10 iw-Rainbow handheld plat form based intel processor PXA270
11 Intelligent Power Module

Department Library

The department has separate department library with more than 1700 books, technical journals and magazines and hence act as catalyst for achievement of the students.


1. Energy And Fuel Users Association Of India
2. Electrical India
3. IEEMA Journal
4. Electrical Engineering
5. Electronics And Telecommunication Engineering
6. Elektor Electronics
7. Electronics For U

List of Magazines

IEEE Magazines:
1. Circuits And Systems
2. Control Systems
3. Electrical Insulation
4. Power And Energy
5. Industrial Electronics
6. Robotics And Automation
7. Aerospace And Electronics Systems
8. Signal Processing
9. Spectrum
10. Industrial Applications
11. Instrumentation And Measurement