Academic Programmes

  • B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering- 4 Years
  • M.Tech. Renewable Energy Technologies – 2 Years
  • Ph.D.

B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering

The curriculum of B.Tech. Electrical and Electronics Engineering Degree program is designed to achieve a balance between depth of knowledge acquired through specialization and breadth of knowledge gained through exploration. It provides a comprehensive foundation in the core topics of EEE coupled with an area of specialization relevant to emerging engineering and technical challenges. The curriculum has been designed to produce professional electrical and electronic engineers, who can serve in the fields of core electrical engineering, information and communication systems, and other related fields.

M.Tech. Renewable Energy Technologies

The field of Renewable Energy Technology is turning to be inter-disciplinary with the combination of Industry Revolution 4.0 innovations. The M. Tech (RET) curriculum and syllabus are developed to offer the best training and education to graduates joining this programme towards selecting a career in industry, research or academics. Also it trains the renewable energy students in the important areas of energy infrastructure, rational use of energy, energy policies and regulations, and energy-environment interface etc