The Department has well maintained air conditioned Laboratory facilities  powered by Thin Clients, HCL, IBM, Acer, Lenovo systems of latest configuration and 24 hours internet facility. Internet and laboratory facilities are available for staff and students Computer labs are equipped with 420 Computer Systems with online backup of 75 KVA. The labs are kept open after the college hours to enable the students to engage themselves in getting practiced with laboratory experiments in their leisure hours.

Web Programming Lab

Web Programming Lab is equipped with 64 latest HCL & LENOVO Machines. The machines are loaded with Windows and Linux operating systems. Java, C and C++ compilers are also configured in all the clients. This lab imparts practical knowledge on Windows and Ubuntu Operating system to the students

 Lab Courses Conducted : Internet Programming Lab, Networks Lab, Java Lab  and Computer Workshop

Distributed Computing Lab

Distributed Computing Lab is equipped with 45 latest HCL & IBM Machines. Oracle, C and C++ compilers are also configured in all the clients. This lab imparts practical knowledge on Database to the students. The lab is used to train the students to improve their programming knowledge and make experiments to get familiar with the Core Courses.

Lab Courses Conducted : Distributed Operating Systems Lab, Cloud Computing Lab, Soft Computing Lab

 Programming Language Lab 

Programming Language Lab is equipped with 65 Thin Client Machines. Through this lab, the students can empower the knowledge in the fundamental concepts of computer software. By this lab, the students can get the impression with skills in basic programming languages like C, C++ etc.,

Lab Courses Conducted : Programming languages Lab, Compiler Design Lab, Object Oriented Programming Lab, Data Structures Lab, Operating Systems Lab and System Software Lab 

Software Development Lab

Software Development Lab is equipped with 45 latest Lenovo systems and is fully networked. It provides hands-on experience in Software Development to the students and enables to apply knowledge in web programming. Students are given training to develop Web pages for various applications like Database Management, On-line services, Animation etc..,

Lab Courses Conducted : Object Oriented Software Development Lab, Software Engineering Lab 

Open Source Technology Lab

This lab is used to study the different open source technologies, software and tools. This lab aims

  • To understand installation and troubleshooting MySQL, Apache and PHP on Linux/Unix Platform.
  • To study the web development using Hypertext Preprocessor, Integration of basic SQL commands using PHP.
  • To learn Apache web Server and MySQL for project development

Lab Courses Conducted : Operating Systems Lab, Community Service Project

 Research Lab 

An exclusive research Lab with 30 computers with internet connectivity is available for carrying out research works and project works.

Department Library

IT department library is available for the department faculty and students for immediate reference. It consists of text books, reference books, journals, magazines, CDs, project reports in different disciplines. It has books in the areas of DBMS, operating systems, programming languages, software engineering, internet and web technologies, mathematics, microprocessor and competitive exam books.


Numbers of title of Books : 1145
Numbers of Volumes of Books: 1807

M.Tech. (CSE)

Numbers of title of Books : 216
Numbers of Volumes of Books: 375

M.Tech. (Network)

Numbers of title of Books: 135
Numbers of Volumes of Books: 280

Journals and E-journals details

Journals: 60
International journals and E-journals: 111