Course Name
Resource persons
No of participants
1 Faculty Induction Program KARE staff 28 6-9 July 10
2 Testing and Evaluation of students performance Prof T. Senthil,ECE Dept 8 16-Dec-10
3 Research at KARE Dr.D.Devaraj,Director, R&D 11 17-Dec-10
4 Watch your Lecture Mr. R. Imtiaz,EEE Dept Mr.M.Sivasubramaniam,PD Cell XIV MECH Dept 13 21-Oct-10
5 Mini project Prof T. Senthil,ECE Dept 9 22-Dec-10
6 Role of Faculty advisor in KARE Dr.S. Kannan, EEE Dept. 8 23-Dec-10
7 Innovative Laboratory exercises and Assignments Dr. N. KARPAGAM EEE Dept 10 23-Dec-10
8 WIPRO Mission10X Workshop Mr. Bhuvan Sundar Mrs. Gauthami Ramesh Mr. Thirunavukarasu 22 22-26 Mar 2011

Non-teaching staff training program

Name of the Course
Resource persons
No of participants
1 PC Maintenance HCL, Madurai Internal coordinator: Mr. S. Venkatesh CSE Dept. 14 10-11 Nov 10
2 Routine maintenance and servicing of test and measuring instruments (CRO, Function Generator and power supply) Prosol Instruments, Madurai Internal coordinator: Mr.B. Pitchai Manickam 15 13-Nov-10
3 Networking basics Mr. M. Gomathi Nayagam, CSE Dept. Internal coordinator:Mr.B. Pitchai Manickam 18 15-16 Nov 10
4 System Administration (Windows and Linux) Mr. M.Raja CSE Dept. Internal coordinator: Mr. S. Dhanasekaran 11 18-19 Nov 10
5 MS Office (Word and Excel) Mr. V. Thirupathikesavan CSE Dept. Internal coordinator:Ms. S. Selvi Ramalakshmi, EEE Dept. 22 22-23 Nov 10



Rational Application Developer, 11-15 May 2010 By IBM Software Centre of Excellence

Networking Basics: 15-16 Nov ‘10

PC Maintenance: 10-11 Nov’10

Faculty Induction Program: 6-9 July ‘10