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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education

M.Tech – Control and Instrumentation


To emerge as a diversified knowledge sharing and research driven base in the domain of Instrumentation and Control Engineering.


1. To provide quality education in the domain of Instrumentation and Control Engineering through updated curriculum, effective Teaching and Learning process and state of the art Laboratory facilities.

2. To provide opportunities for students and researchers to carryout research on advanced topics of Instrumentation and control system.

3. To produce technically competent and readily employable Instrumentation and Control graduates with ample exposure towards team work, ethical standards and social responsibilities.


Instrumentation and Control Engineering play a vital role in any modern industry. The Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering started in the year 1987. The Department of Instrumentation and Control Engineering offers B.Tech degree course in Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, M.Tech degree courses in the following specializations viz., Control and Instrumentation and Ph.D program. The department has established the laboratories namely Instrumentation lab, Analog and Digital Circuits Lab, Virtual Instrumentation Lab, Process Control Lab. The department has been equipped with the research centers such as Centre for Advanced Process Control and Biomedical Instrumentation. Advanced Process Control Lab, Advanced Biomedical Instrumentation Lab has been setup under DST-FIST program 2009 (Fund for Improvement of S&T Infrastructure in Universities & Higher Educational Institutions).

Our department lab has fundamental instruments of control system and various electronic measurements like, voltage, current, bridge, demonstrative CRO. This lab also has analytical instruments, pH measurement, conductivity measurement, switch capacitor networks etc. Process Control lab has various cut sectional of valve and actuators, cam followers, solenoid valves and many more components & kits of control engineering, DCS, PLC, various process stations like heat exchanger, hybrid tank and has many kits like P, PI, PID controllers, DAS etc. The biomedical lab has well advanced ECG and EEG monitoring equipments with lab chart software. The department is currently having the funded research projects in the areas of Process Control and Biomedical Instrumentation. The department has close interactions with the leading industries for research and development. The Instrumentation and Control Engineering department has made pioneering and definite contributions in the thrust areas of Control Systems, Optimization, Biomedical, Image Processing, Fault diagnosis, Process Control, Communication.

The department caters to the ever challenging needs of technical excellence in all areas of Instrumentation & Control Engineering such as Electronics, Electrical, and Mechanical measurements, Process Control Engineering. Our students will make their presence felt in various technological domains in all the top-level industries. The infrastructure and lab facilities are upgraded from time to time and provide adequate opportunities for students and researchers to learn and innovate.

Department is having great encouraging and warm support of Instrumentation industries and medical hospitals in various aspects, related to syllabus designing, student and staff training and other technical support. Guided by excellent faculty, the Instrumentation and Control Engineering department has grown leaps and bounds since its establishment and its students have brought laurels to the institution. Instrumentation and Control Engineering Students Association arranges seminars, Conference industrial visits, co-curricular activities etc., thereby increasing the interaction of students with the outside world.


Control and Instrumentation Engineering is the key role of any automation industry. The program offers strong technical ideologies for the students wishing to pursue a career in both academic and industrial sectors. Modules of this programme train the students to plan, design, calibrate, control and automate different processes taking place in various industries. This program enriches the students with strong theoretical and excellent practical skills that are required in different spheres of instrumentation and control industries


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M.Tech – Control and Instrumentation Curriculum

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