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Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education


KARE provides the option for the faculty members to apply their scientific knowledge and technological innovations to a real-time problem faced by industry. To accomplish this task, the faculty members can utilize the university’s resources through proper agreements as per the protocol. In general, KARE faculty members may perform up to 35 days of consultancy over an academic year as part of the contractual allowance for 35 days of research and scholarly activity. This period can be extended with proper approval, provided the proposed consultancy contract provides enhancement of knowledge and brings recognition to the university. At the end of the project or in between, the faculty member can apply to claim a proportion of the income generated from university consultancy that may be taken as an incentive.

Facilities Available

Support systems with sophisticated instruments such as scanning electron microscopes, X-ray Diffraction, and atomic absorption systems can be utilized for performing consultancy projects in the field of materials clusters. Advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing, abrasive water jet machining, electron-discharge machining, and CNC controlled machines are available for sustainable product development. The established common facilities such as ACIC-Kalasalingam Innovation Foundation, Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Cell, and National Instruments can also provide the opportunity for the faculty members and researchers to explore their areas of interest with the industrial experts.