Training Placement Office

Training Placement Office

Office of Corporate Relations at Kalasalingam University was established with the aim of nurturing strong and continuous partnership between the industries and university. It creates and maintains relations with industries for effective exchange of knowledge between the University and the industries.  This office is entrusted with the duty of interacting with the industries to increase the employment opportunities of the students and to increase their “real world” awareness. Practical training and placements of the University students are coordinated by the Office of Corporate Relations.


The major functions of the office are:

  • Facilitate the participation of industry representatives in the academic process by way of arranging industrial lectures
  • Foster University – industry exchange programs including student internships
  • Coordinating placement related activities
  • Coordinate training activities for the students (both soft skills and technical skills)
  • Facilitate the filing of patents origin our of original research carried out by faculties
  • Formal licensing to the industry of University – generated patents and technologies
  • Arranging the use of university facilities by the industry

Offering information, advice, guidance and job-seeking support for students are considered as the important activities of this Office.  Career Advisers are available to discuss ideas and plans, and students are encouraged to attend the wide range of talks, information fairs and recruitment events offered.Office of Corporate Relations, along with the concerned Departments and Centers of the University, gets actively involved in the following activities:

Industry Collaborations

  • Identifying the Industries and the type of collaboration
  • Formulation of the MoU
  • Identifying industry representatives for various advisory groups of the University


  • Coordination with industry for direct recruitment of the top ranking students
  • Identifying and inviting industries for campus recruitment
  • Assessing the skill set requirements
  • Coordination of campus recruitment activity
  • Reviewing every recruitment process and giving recommendations for subsequent recruitments
  • Maintaining updated students profile


  • Identifying organization for industrial training and placement activities
  • Co-ordination of Industrial Visits, In-plant Training and  Project Work
  • Promoting career counseling
  • Organizing personality development programs.
  • Facilitating students who attend various symposiums, conferences, workshops, etc.


  • Promoting testing services
  • Facilitating consultancy services offered by University faculty

Placement Statistics

Placement details for the academic Year 2015-2016


Sl. No. Name of the companies No. of students placed
1 Wipro Technologies 59
2 Tech Mahindra 18
3 IVTL Infoview Technologies 3
4 Paladion 9
5 Tata Consultancy Services 2
6 Polaris CLS 3
7 Zifo Technologies 1
8 Tessolve semiconductor Pvt ltd 4
9 Ernst & Young Services 3
10 Maveric Systems 4
11 Apptivo 12
12 Green Building Academy 7
13 Sunrise Biztech Systems 6
14 Bright Auto Plast 9
15 TCECA 6
16 Loyal Housing 3
17 Quadrant 4 System Corporation 2
18 Vernalis 1
19 Just Connect 10
20 Vyasaka Technologies 3
21 Multi Vista Global 5
22 Dolmatic 13
23 Meldon Industries 10
24 Telesonic 9
25 SPAN Technology Services 13
26 Coramandel Electronics 10
27 Visionary RCM 35
28 Elite Engineering & Construction (Hyd) Pvt Ltd 2
29 TNQ Books & Journals 12
30 New Dolphin Machines 10
31 Trust RCM 7
32 IPRO Solutions 5
33 CADD Group of Companies 16
34 CaD Deploy
35 Do Well Infrastructures 4
36 Mobius Knowledge Services 13
37 Hindustan Bioplant 1
38 Soft Square 1
39 Esteem Polymer 10
40 Triple M Auto 10
41 CDES 5
42 Harvest Futures Consultants 43
43 Zealous Services 75
44 Anderomeda 41
45 NIIT,Madurai 3
46 Serv Centre 8
47 Rajsriya Automotive Industries 12
48 Sutherland Global Servcies 6
49 Gemini Communication 30
50 Anya Consultancy Services 2
51 Infoziant 1
52 Aagna Corporate Services 48
53 India Association for the Blind (IAB) 7
54 Airtel 25
55 Aditiya Trading 9
56 ETHNUS Consultancy Services 1
57 PMRT 9
58 Bind Technology 3
59 Savvy Soft Technologies 18
60 Xplore Information Technology 7
61 Vuram Technology Solutions
62 Veryx Technologies
63 Zoho Corporation
64 Indian Navy ** 8
65 Orange Scape
66 Vee Technologies 30
67 Hinduja Global Services 4
68 CADD Centre 16
69 VDart Software Services
70 Magus Customer Dialog 63
71 Green Pearl Electronics 3
72 Sun Branding Solutions** 6
73 Axis Bank 17
74 Syntel ** *
75 Billed Right 14
Total 865

Placement details for the academic Year 2014-2015

S.No. Name of the Company No. of Students Placed
1TCS 20
2Savy Soft Technoligies 154
3Mpasis 1
4Visionary RCM 41
5Trust RCM 6
6Vernalis 18
7Polaris Financial Technology299
8SRM Technologies 1
9Cease Fire5
10Relaince ADA 130
11Yogam BPO1
12Indoshell Mould 3
13Maveric System5
14Umaa Engineering10
15Multi Vista Global7
16Coromandel Electronics10
17Matrix Power Control7
18Bright Metal Finishers9
20Harvest Features54
21Vuram Technology1
22Green Building Academy4
23VDart Software Services19
24Soft Solutions2
25HCL BServ1
26HCL Technologies7
27A & T Video Networks2
28Maxit Global Solutions35
29Zealous Services103
30Stema Security Services28
31Soft Square 5
32Zifo Technologies2
33IVTL Infoview Technologies8
34Indian Association For Blind15
35Magus Customer Dialog52
36TNQ Books and Journals17
37VEE Technologies8
38Sutherland Global Services8
40Air Maasters Technologies5
41Bright Auto Plast13
42Abhijeet Arihant Autoplast5
43Gemini Communication24
44Just Connect Electrical16
46Ramind Cold Forge5
47Universal Print Systems10
48Glenwood Systems11
49Focus Academy for Career Enhancement14

Placement details for the academic Year 2013-2014

S.No. Name of the Company No. of Students Placed
1TCS 18
2Visionary RCM Infotech Pvt. Ltd 27
3Sutherland Global Services9
4Indian Navy 63
5Susee Group of Companies11
7Jeevan Nission20
9Mahindra Satyam19
10Get it Info Services Pvt. Ltd6
11Burlingston English1
12Topaz Technologies5
13Ferco Shutters & Seating Systems (ME) Manufacture LLC 2
14Karur Vysya Bank14
15Carbon Software Solution8
16Advanced Auto Accessories Corporation7
17Zifo Technologies1
18Adecco India Pvt Ltd10
21Agriya Energy Solutions11
22Savvy Soft Technologies62
24TNQ Books and Journals12
26Tech Mahindra 11
27C Cubed Solutions5
28Elite Engineering & Constructions (Hyd)4
29KB Solution14
30SRM Technologies8
31Charter International6
33ICICI Bank 8
34Lifo Technologies2
35Ather Energy1
36Sap Lab1
37Indian Air force1
38Merchand Navy3
39Elite Engineering & Constructions (Hyd) SHIP4
40Data Patterns2
41Trust RCM25
42Kompsos Media Pvt. Ltd.,4
43Air Maaster1
44Collar Group2
45Aqua Sub Engineering6
46FACE Academy17
47Techsaisys Global Services2
48HCL B Serv3
49Coastal Energen2
50Chemfab Alkalis Limited1
51Mecton Training and Technical Services118
52Range Communications P Ltd.2
53Canvus Design Studio1
54Kemin Industries South Asia Pvt. Ltd., Chennai 1

Placement details for the academic Year 2012-2013

S.No. Name of the Company No. of Students Placed
1Tata Consultancy Services 89
2Consortium Clinical Research 15
3HCL Technologies 32
4Athenahealth Technologies  0
5Proscape LLC, Dubai  3
6Unifying Logics Private Limited  3
7Adecco India Pvt Ltd (Godrej) 14
8Adecco India Pvt Ltd (Pepsi) 9
9Birla Sunlife Insurance Co. Ltd 3
10Café Coffe Day  10
11Ceasefire Industries Ltd 11
12Data Mining & Research India Pvt. Ltd 5
13Emkay Global Financial Services Ltd 4
14Endhai Innovations Private Ltd 4
15HDFC Bank 34
16Prem Auto Links (Ashok Leyland) 12
17Sharekhan Ltd 5
18Susee Group of Companies 8
19Talent Pro India Pvt. Ltd 3
20VVV & Sons Ediable Oils Ltd 1
21Launch Pad LLC 6
22Sutherland Global Services 53
23HCL Bserv 45
24Clearpath Technology  6
25Madras Cements  0
26Bandwidth Technology  15
27CAD Technologies  9
28Q&Q Inspection & Technical Consultancy 15
29AMS Solutions 1
30Sandwood Eco Energy  2
31TNQ Books & Journals 13
32Green Building Academy, Dubai 3
33Zifo Technologies 1
34Abhijeet Group of Thermal Power Plant, Noida 1
35Oil Emirates, Dubai UAE 1
36Taj Hotels Resorts & Palaces  2
37Silicon House  0
38L&T Infotech  0
39Elite Engineering & Constructions (Hyd) 8
40Unibros Technologies 4
41Solartis Technologies  8
42Iacharya Silicon Limited  26
43Carbon Associates 1
44Glaxosmithkline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.  23
45SRM Technologies  7
46Acire Technologies  142
47Kryptos Networks 10
48Abiba Systems, Bangalore.  0
49Base Automation Technologies  2
50Blaze Web Services Pvt Ltd 2
51Max Mind Software’s 11
52Reliance Communications 3
53Siragu Technologies 5
54Dabur 1
55CapMinds Technologies 1
56Maveric Systems 1
57IBM Software services Pvt Ltd. 1
58AM Net Group of Companies 1
59Maxmind Soft Technologies, Madurai 2
60Cogsydel technologies 1
61Aadans Infotech Soltions India  19
62Amba  2
63CGI 3
64Integra Software Services 13
65Sutherland Global Services 12
66Scope International  6
67Tech Mahindra 18
68others 7

Sl. No. Name of the companies
1 Wipro Technologies
2 Tech Mahindra
3 IVTL Infoview Technologies
4 Paladion
5 Tata Consultancy Services
6 Polaris CLS
7 Zifo Technologies
8 Tessolve semiconductor Pvt ltd
9 Ernst & Young Services
10 Maveric Systems
11 Apptivo
12 Green Building Academy
13 Sunrise Biztech Systems
14 Bright Auto Plast
16 Loyal Housing
17 Quadrant 4 System Corporation
18 Vernalis
19 Just Connect
20 Vyasaka Technologies
21 Multi Vista Global
22 Dolmatic
23 Meldon Industries
24 Telesonic
25 SPAN Technology Services
26 Coramandel Electronics
27 Visionary RCM
28 Elite Engineering & Construction (Hyd) Pvt Ltd
29 TNQ Books & Journals
30 New Dolphin Machines
31 Trust RCM
32 IPRO Solutions
33 CADD Group of Companies
34 CaD Deploy
35 Do Well Infrastructures
36 Mobius Knowledge Services
37 Hindustan Bioplant
38 Soft Square
39 Esteem Polymer
40 Triple M Auto
42 Harvest Futures Consultants
43 Zealous Services
44 Anderomeda
45 NIIT,Madurai
46 Serv Centre
47 Rajsriya Automotive Industries
48 Sutherland Global Servcies
49 Gemini Communication
50 Anya Consultancy Services
51 Infoziant
52 Aagna Corporate Services
53 India Association for the Blind (IAB)
54 Airtel
55 Aditiya Trading
56 ETHNUS Consultancy Services
58 Bind Technology
59 Savvy Soft Technologies
60 Xplore Information Technology
61 Vuram Technology Solutions
62 Veryx Technologies
63 Zoho Corporation
64 Indian Navy **
65 Orange Scape
66 Vee Technologies
67 Hinduja Global Services
68 CADD Centre
69 VDart Software Services
70 Magus Customer Dialog
71 Green Pearl Electronics
72 Sun Branding Solutions**
73 Axis Bank
74 Syntel **
75 Billed Right


Personality Development Programme

Personality Development Programme (PDP) is aimed at increasing Employ ability of the Students.


The Students are trained on aspects like:
  • Facing Interviews.
  • Facing Group Discussions.
  • Professional Resume Writing.
  • Cracking Aptitude Exams.
  • Internship Projects.
  • Skill Development Sessions & Programs.
  • Preparing Mock Exercises.
  • Recruitment and Placement Sessions.
  • Arranging Seminars and Technical talks.

Professionals from various industries visit the Institute and interact with students on regular basis and guide them in accordance with the industry norm and standards.

  • To Bridge the gap that currently exists between the Industry and fresh professionals for recruitment purposes.
  • To minimize Stage fear.
  • To build confidence among students.
  • To make students know the Importance of Training & Placements.
  • Make them prepared for further training session and placements.

In this section students perform various practice exercises based on analytical reasoning (puzzles, linear/circular arrangement, etc.), number/letter series, analogies, odd man out, direction sense, coding/decoding, routes and networks, binary logic, and Venn diagrams/cubes, etc.

Group Discussions

Training on Group Discussions are based on Situation Reaction, Group Tasks on a variety of topics ranging from the general to the technical. Creative and logical thinking, group behavior; inter personal skills, Group initiative are focused.While deciding on the group formation during the GD’s, care is taken to try and give extra attention to poor communicators in the class.

Mock Tests

The mock tests help the students to analyze their performances in each of the areas.

Personal Interviews
  1. Interview sessions focus on Interview tips.
  2. Interview attending skills, etiquette and Presentation Skills.
  3. Mock interviews are conducted with feedback session.
Quantitative Ability

The various topics which are covered include Equations, Ratio Proportion and Variation, Percentages, Profit and loss, Simple and Compound Interest, Numbers, Progressions, Time and Work, Time and Distance, Data Interpretation, Data sufficiency, etc.

Verbal Ability

The Various types of questions like jumbled paragraphs, sentence corrections, fill in the blanks, antonyms, synonyms, word pair analogies, Verbal – Non-Verbal aspects, Functional Grammar, Vocabulary Enhancement etc., are discussed with the help of classroom handouts

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Office Contact

Dr. A. Alavudeen
Office of Corporate Relations
Training and Placement Officer
Kalasalingam University, Krishnankoil (Srivilliputtur Via)
Virudhunagar District, Pincode- 626126
Mobile: +91-9443389276