S. No Title of the Project Principal Investigator(s) Funding Agency Amount Sanctioned in Rs. Approval letter Number and Date
1. FIST Dept. of ECE DST 4200000 SR/FST/ETI-336/2013(c) dt. /10/2014
2. Innovation and Entrepreneurship Development Centre (IEDC) Dr. M.Jeyakumaran DST 3030000 11/04/2014-NEB(C) dt 01/08/14
3. Design of Phenothiazenylpyrimiding decorated novel heterocycles as antitubercular agents Dr. C. Ramalingan ICMR 2100000 58/16/2013-BMS dt 03/03/15
4. Machining and Erosion studies of Red mud an Industrial waste based Polymer matrix Composite Dr. M. Uthayakumar MEFCC 2700000 19-20/2012-RE dt 10/03/2016
5. Supramolecular Underwater Adhesives using Cucurbiturils and Cyclodextrins Dr. N. Selvapalam SERB 2824000 ECR/2015/000318 dt 11/03/2016
6. Computational Studies on Binary Oxide Nanoclusters and their Applications in Catalysis Dr. P. Selvarengan SERB 1907400 YSS/2015/001311 dt 11/05/2016
7. Performance Investigation of Green Composite-A Formulated Microbial Organism Based Novel Bio-Resin Dr. N. Rajini SERB 2314070 YSS/2015/001353 dt 12/07/2016
8. Elucidation of Mechanism of adriamycin mediated male reproductive toxicity and recovery by restoration of epididymal adipose tissue Dr. S. Arunachalam SERB 379845 YS/LS-99/2013 dt 27/07/2016
9. Social Capital and Sustainable Livelihood Interventions among Irula Tribal Community in Tamil Nadu Dr. K.M. Ashifa NRDMS / DST 733700 NRDMS/SC/ST/44/016(G) dt 17/10/2016
10. Experimental Investigation on the effect of pylon based injection in Modified Dual Combustion Ramjet Engine Dr. S. Jeyakumar DRDO 931750 ARDB/01/10411833/M/I dt 19/01/17
11. Experimental Investigations on Mixing and Combustion in a Modified Dual Combustion Ramjet Engine Dr. S. Jeyakumar SERB 2482970 EMR/2016/004160 dt 25/03/17
12. Energy Saving through IoT Based Building Automation and non linear predictive controller Dr. D. Devaraj, Dr. Seshadhri Srinivasan, Dr. B, Subathra, Mr. M. Karuppasamypandian DST 2010360 TMD/CERI/BEE/2016/088(G) dt 09/03/17
13. Impact of Indian Soap Opera on Women Behavior: A Comparative Study in Tamil Nadu and Kerala Dr. M.Jeyakumaran, Dr. K.M. Ashifa NCW 903000 16(66)/2015-16/NCW(RS) dt 31/07/17
14. Fabrication and Systematic Investigation on Novel Nano Crystalline Quaternary Cu2ZnSnX4(X=S, Se, Te) Thin Films as Absorber Layer for Solar Cell Application by SILAR method”. Dr. Asath Bhadur SERB 1863911 EMR/2016/006874 dt 04/08/2017
15. Study on the effect of heat treatment on 3D printed Su-718 Material Dr. J.T. Winowlin Jappes, Dr. M. Adam Khan DRDO 987900 GTRE/MMG/BMRI/1035/18/CARS/A/18 dt 29/05/18
16. Elucidating the role of PPAR alpha in the development of doxorubicin-induced cardiomyopathy Dr. Sankarganesh Arunachalam SERB 1000000 EMR/2016/003548 dt 05/06/18
17. Use of recombinant bacteriophage as a novel delivery vehicle for viral CTL epitopes Dr. K. Sundar SERB 4429600 EMR/2016/003035 dt 16/07/2018
18. Investigation on the performance of Abrasive Water Jet Machining on Armor Steel Dr. M. Uthayakumar, Dr. S. Thirumalai Kumaran DRDO 1135000 CVRDE/MMG/SPC/127/17-18 dt 27/07/18
19. Resilient and optimal micro-Energy-grid (ROME) Dr. Seshadhri Srinivasan International Bilateral Cooperation Division 1989000 INT/NOR/RCN/ICT/P-05/2018 dt 06/08/18
20. Unraveling the physiological mechanism of heartfulness meditation, Pranahuti-mediated benefits on cardiovascular risk Dr. Sankarganesh Arunachalam DST 4613968 DST/SATYAM/2017/119(G) dt 20.09.18
21. A study on Hazard and Risk Assessment of firework industries in Sivakasi, Virudhunagar District, Tamilnadu R. Ramalakshmi, A. Robert Singh DST-NSTMIS 2790000 DST/NSTMIS/05/312/2017-18 dt 29.10.2018
22. An IoT based Smart Artificial Pancreas and an ICT Platform for Treating Diabetes in Elderly Dr. S. Seshadhri DST-SEED 5640886 SEED/TIDE/2018/59/G dt 13.11.2018
23. FIST Dept. Of EEE DST 2700000 SR/FST/ET-I/2018/214 dated 20-12-18
24. A Smart Alginate-Pectin-Selenium nanoparticle scaffold and its application in cardiac tissue engineering Dr. A. Muthukumaran SERB 1788000 EMR/2017/004073 dated 29-11-18
25. Investigations on rare earth metal doped metal molybdate nanocomposites prepared by micro-wave assisted combustion method for catalytic and energy storage applications Dr. S. Asath Bahadur UGC-DAE 226440 CSR-KN/CRS-103/2018-19/1042 dated 26-12-18
26. Corrosion studies on 316 SSB4C composite prepared by powder metallurgical route Dr. S. Thirumalai Kumaran, Dr. M. Uthayakumar UGC-DAE 226440  
27. Noise Reduction in Muffler Adhijaganatha Perumal. B, Nithish P, B. Vignesh DST Star-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Startup NIDHI/17-18/05-11 Dt 16/06/17
28. Production of Biofungicide with Earthworm Antara Roy, B. Taj Sabreen, Kota Durga Pravalliua DST Star-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Startup NIDHI/17-18/05-11 Dt 16/06/17
29. Beneficial Enzyme for Bio processing Agro Industrial Waste G. Santhana Krishnan, N. Hariram, Ihrana Banu. I, Miguela Min. N DST Star-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Startup NIDHI/17-18/05-11 Dt 16/06/17
30. Smart Cart for Super Market Pemmasani Manoj Kumar, V. Ramachandran, Vengal Rahul DST Star-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Startup NIDHI/17-18/05-11 Dt 16/06/17
31. Efficacy of Bio control Agents viz. Pseudomonas sp and Trichoderma sp, and control of onion diseases Priyanka V. ,Vasudevan R, Radha Lakshmi C, B. Rakshana DST Star-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Startup NIDHI/17-18/05-11 Dt 16/06/17
32. Design and Development of Low Cost Photo motograph for Identification of Thyroid Dysfunction Raja Sudharsan R,D.S. Augustine Samel DST Star-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Startup NIDHI/17-18/05-11 Dt 16/06/17
33. Low Cost High Performance Inverter Saurabh Kumar Sharma, N. Vimal Shankar, R. Porkodi DST Star-Up NIDHI 1000000 EDII/DST-Startup NIDHI/17-18/05-11 Dt 16/06/17
34. Micromachining of Biomedical Materials (Shape Memory Alloys) using Acidithiobacillus Ferrooxidans and Thiooxidans Microorganism Dr. S. Rajesh, Dr. M. Uthayakumar SERB Sanctioned
35. Investigation of Lithium Based Metal Oxides and CNT Based Nanocomposites for Lithium Ion Capacitor Applications Dr. N. Nallamuthu SERB- TARE Sanctioned
36. Self-Sustaining Photo Bio-Catalytic Reactors with Concomitant Biofuel Harvesting from Crepe Cotton Wastewater Dr. Naresh Kumar Sharma SERB- TARE Sanctioned
Total       62908240