Centre for Learning Technologies

Year 2008 heralded a new era with the creation of the Centre for Learning Technologies (CTL) guided by the mission to facilitate the faculty of Kalasalingam University on soft skills and related disciplines. The courses  on pedagogy, soft skills training and department specific refresher courses is aimed at enabling faculty to train students to meet global requirements as well as get equip them for on and off campus training. Visiting faculties from premier institutions around the nation – IISc, IITs , IIMs , ISI, NITs, R&D labs to name a few  and also from abroad will conduct on campus training in the university premises.

The success story began with four programmes organised by the CLT within three months and so far now 17 programs and 521 participants gaining expertise. The new approach to Student Centric learning is being taught the faculty to implement in classrooms. The detailed planning will create a flexible framework that will integrate classroom lectures with practical projects and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge and its implementation in real time. The courses are planned to cater the faculty to gain or to improve their content preparation for delivery, diversified methods to deliver the content and able to counsel the students. CLT facilitates the staff to upgrade them self on modern technologies. It caters non teaching staff to strength their career development, stress management and communication skills. Smart class rooms are created to explore the modern teaching methods to the staff members to make interactive sessions and such sessions will be saved and distributed to the students. CLT has purchased NPTEL material and provide viz. servers and since entire campus is connected by Wi-Fi any faculty can download E-Learning materials for their demonstration.