School of Agricultural Sciences (SAS) is a budding discipline of Kalasalingam University that flourished in the year 2016 which offers 4 years undergraduate programmes in various disciplines such as B.Sc (Agriculture) B.Sc (Horticulture) and B.Tech (Agricultural Engineering). School of Agricultural Sciences has well equipped discipline specific laboratories, Separate field for Agriculture and Horticulture crop cultivation, individual faculty rooms and smart class rooms.

Students of SAS are encouraged to attending and participate in different workshops, conferences, and training and implant training programmes during their semester holidays and actively participated in extra- curricular activities viz., within our campus and also to Neighboring colleges and villages. They brought laurels to our SAS.

             SAS has nine well equipped laboratories and good infrastructure facilities for students and faculties. They get good practical exposure in the field. School of Agricultural Sciences is maintaining around 60 acres of farm land in the name of Kalasalingam Anandammal Farm. Different vegetable crops, fruit crops and green manure crops are cultivated using drip irrigation and fertigation system; also two ponds have been maintained. We have different  laboratory equipments like Hot air oven, Laminar Airflow Chamber, Colony Counter, Stereomicroscope, Binocular Microscope, Seed Counter, BOD Incubator, pH Meter, Soxhlet Apparatus, Spectrophotometer, Centrifuge, Water bath, Insect Display Board, Dissection Set, Lux Meter, etc..


To meet an expanding demand on Agricultural specialists to promote food security and food safety on National as well as Global scale.  The Second Green Revolution for increasing the production and income levels of Agriculture, Horticulture farmers


The mission of School of Agricultural Sciences (SAS) is to augment the career trajectory of Agricultural professionals by improving their knowledge and practical skills to expansion of their disciplines through successful completion of high quality courses designed.