Features and Innovation

  • Uniqueness of the Academic System
    • Flexibilities in the regulations
    • Choice based credit system – the student has the freedom to choose the courses of his/her  interest – nearly 40 percent of the syllabus
      Elective Schemes:

      (i) Professional Major Electives

      (ii) Professional Minor Electives

      (iii) Free Electives

      (iv) Self Study Electives

      (v)  Humanities Electives

    • Credits on Co- and extra curricular courses are mandatory to fulfill the academic requirements. – Non CGPA courses
    • Unlimited availabilities of opportunities and learning resources – round the clock laboratory – six month projects at industries – PG course subject as an elective – crediting of an equivalent course done at a foreign university –collaboration with the ongoing research projects
    • Semester Abroad Schemes
  • Curriculum caters to the Requirement of the Industries
  • Autonomy in the Teaching Process
  • Very Transparent System
    After every examinations, the valued answer scripts of the entire class is distributed to the class along with the answer key for verification by the students themselves.
  • Conducive atmosphere for an enjoyable learning
    • Fast learners and toppers are encouraged to take up additional courses to earn extra credits, and to successfully complete the course in First Class with distinction or honors
    • The academically weak students are guided by the Faculty Advisors and given special care and attention in their entire endeavor during the period of study. They are given extra coaching, assignments and tutorials – given Summer Term Courses, Contact Courses to clear backlogs
    • Self designed laboratory and practical experiments are duly credited.
    • Facilitates co-operative learning
  • Unlimited availability of opportunities and learning resources:
  • Research Expertise in the areas of specialization of the Institution is disseminated to students at UG/PG level.
  • Curriculum is designed based on Outcome based education.