From the Vice Chancellor’s Desk

Vice Chancellor
Dr.S. Saravana Sankar

I’m very much excited to welcome you all to Kalasalingam Academy of Research and Education. This campus with greenery all around will make a massive difference in your career and life. The diverse programmes set ready for you are pretty awesome. They have been prepared by our highly talented faculty with you and your needs in mind.  The years that you spend on our Campus will have unforgettable experiences packed into them. Nobody can escape from being touched by the vibrancy of the campus life–curricular, extra-curricular and co-curricular. I guarantee you a phenomenal experience as you do your chosen programme. You’ll be led by the speed of professionalism and be trained to reach the global needs. You’ll know the secrets of how to outdo yourself. Your confidence will grow day by day. You will be taught soft skills and human skills as well, which will redefine relationships in the materialistic society.  You will be trained how to grow and develop healthy in spite of the global digital revolution and a chilling postmodern culture.

Dear children, a huge welcome to you all.